Column published April 29, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"The heavy popcorn and peanut machine, belonging to George Hall and which stood at the corner of Jefferson and Jackson streets, was thrown almost twenty feet into the air, on Monday afternoon, when the exhaust failed to work and the boiler of the machine exploded. No one was seriously hurt, but several were cut."
50 Years Ago
Hail mixed with heavy rain fell in Mexico this afternoon and in many places throughout the area. Gusty winds and the hail were expected to damage tender garden plants. Temporary relief from a spring dry spell came over the weekend with rainfall of varying amounts all over Ledgerland. In Mexico the official rainfall amounted to 1.51 inches. One farmer reported that at farms in a mile radius the rain varied from 1.5 inches to 1.3 inches to one inch. It was enough to moisten the top two or three inches of soil, enough to provide for germination of oats, corn and pasture grasses, not to mention garden seeds which have just been lying idle for about a month."
25 years Ago
"Bob Barnes, owner of the Village Square Mini-Mall, has noted the coincidence of a Mexico Area Community Survey – in which one of the priority needs of the community was listed as a family restaurant – just as he is about to open such a restaurant in the mini-mall. Mr. Barnes said the new family-style restaurant, which will have moderate pricing, will open on the main level at the mini-mall in 30-45 days. It will be called the Village Square Cafe, and although all details have not been completed, Mr. Barnes expects it to be open from about 7 a.m. to about 9 p.m."
10 Years Ago
"The City Council approved a new waste disposal contract on Monday that potentially will save residents 90 cents to a dollar a month on their waste disposal bills beginning mid-2004. The City had sent out ads in The Ledger regarding bids for an exclusive 10-year contract for the collection, processing, and disposal for residential solid waste. After consideration, the Council agreed to a new contract with the low bidder, Dayne's Disposal beginning April 1, 2004. The City's current contract, with Mid-State Waste runs through March 31, 2004. The core cost of the current contract, minus administrative fees and other costs is $6.75. But under the agreement with Dayne's the core cost will drop to $5.45 for the first year. Each consecutive year the price will rise approximately 3 percent per year."
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