Column published April 30, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"Boulevard Place is the name of the new addition to Mexico, which is being promoted by the firm of Adams & Son. The new addition is situated on the south side of the Boulevard, just west of the King's Daughters Home for Aged Women. The lots will face on a continuation of Abat street, the entrance of which will be decorated with large pillars and the name of the place. Most of the lots are 60x120 feet and will make ideal lots for building. Along Abat street forest trees have been planted and the entire addition is being beautified."
50 Years Ago
'More than 600 entries were in place this morning for the annual Science Fair in Mexico. A highlight of the spring activities at Hardin Junior High for several years, the Fair has been expanded this year to include entries from other schools in town and is held at the Mexico High School gymnasium. Central, St. Brendan, Garfield and Mexico High School students have entries, in addition to those from the junior high students. About 100 entries are from the upper classmen and the rest from the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in town."
25 Years Ago
"Jim Deardorff and his 1934 Pontiac are featured in the March edition of Rod Action, a magazine published primarily for street rod enthusiasts. The national magazine, published in Canoga Park, Calif., also goes to Canada, Mexico and many other countries. Mr. Deardorff, who rebuilds street rods as a hobby, had believed his Pontiac would be pictured on the cover of the magazine, but it was beat out by a 1939 Ford Coupe owned by J. Craig Lang."
10 Years Ago
"Audrain County's unemployment rate lowered slightly from 5.0 percent in January of 2003 to 5.5 in March, but Mexico Economic Director David Boone called the rate 'not where we want to be. 5.5 percent is below the national average, but it's still not a good number. We'd like to be more like 4 percent,' said Boone. According to Boone, 5 percent unemployment rate is not good, but it also places a community on 'the radar screen' for new businesses and projects."
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