For President's Awards for Educational Excellence

Fifth-graders from the three elementary schools of the Mexico School district who qualified for the President's Award for Educational Excellence were honored May 6 at Hawthorne Elementary School.
The United States Department of Education established the President's Award to encourage students to achieve their full academic potential.
There were 36 children who met the requirements to receive the award. Each recipient had to maintain a 3.5 grade point average for all of fourth grade and the first semester of fifth grade, and had to score at 85 percent or higher in math and reading on a standardized achievement test. The fourth grade math and communication arts MAP and Terra Nova tests were used as qualifying scores.
"This is an outstanding achievement for these students," Eugene Field Elementary School Principal Christine Harper said. "The award is based on various test scores, so students had to score above and beyond to receive the recognition. The Presidential Award is a wonderful accomplishment that students have worked hard to earn."
There was a reception following the ceremony for the students, their parents and guests.
Students were honored by their principals, Kerri Criner of McMillan, Holly Pashia of Hawthorne, and Harper.
Eugene Field honorees: Catie Bledsoe, Madison Buswell, Ethan Hilderman, Kierra Jackson, Kaylee Jones, Madison Jones, Kaitlin Paladin, Kamille Reynolds, Austin Shaw, Reghan Smith, Ryan St. Cin, Madeline Wilson, Shelbi Shaw, Adir Vega and Ian Williams.
Hawthorne honorees: Riley Crenshaw, Aleigha Delozier, Ruthie Duncan, Delaney Fuget, Kylah Gore, Maggie Huffman, Raychel Karhoff, Alysabeth O'Connor, Dakota Seay, Taylor Sherrow, Chloe Sims, Kyleigh Wayman and Jasmyn Whittler.
McMillan honorees: Hazen Blair, Kevin Duong, Logan Jones, Allyn Phelps, Megan Polacek, Isabelle Riportella, Lacy Schoneboom and Sidney Kennemore.