Report from May 13, 2013 meeting

As work for the construction of Moser's grocery store continues, the Mexico City Council Monday night finalized paperwork pertaining to the store's stormwater maintenance plan.
This agreement sets out the framework for the management and maintenance of the post construction stormwater BMP (Best Management Practices) facilities for Moser Realty, LLC.
The City's Stormwater Ordinance requires that if permanent stormwater BMPs are used, they will be maintained in accordance with an approved and recorded stormwater maintenance agreement and plan.
City Engineer Kensey Russell answered questions regarding the water drainage from the nearly 5-acre piece of land that Moser's owns, and how it will affect surrounding properties. Russell said the water from the store's intended parking lot will drain to a wetland detention area, where plants and rock filtration will be used to help keep the water clean; providing not a lot of debris from the parking lot flows into the water. The ordinance has been posted the required length of time. Council voted 5-0 to accept the agreement and have it recorded.
In other news, council approved two resolutions to provide funding for two upcoming tourism activities – the Missouri Pageant and the Mexico Young Farmers Truck and Tractor Pull.
The 2012-2013 annual budget allows the city to provide $10,000 for the Miss Missouri Scholarship Pageant, Inc., and $4,800 for the Young Farmers.
The City of Mexico has a tourism tax that is collected by the hotels/motels within the city limits. Both organizations plan to use the funding for advertising campaigns.
Chairman of the pageant board Linda Huffman attended Monday night's meeting and thanked the council for its supports. Huffman said the pageant board continues to work toward increasing tourism and to bring more awareness to the pageant and the city, but it takes more income." Huffman told the council that the final night of the pageant draws about 1,000 spectators, and that at least 60 percent of those are from out of town – which brings in revenue to area hotels, restaurants and businesses.
Huffman said, "though we are working on a small budget" Mexico's production is just as amazing as the bigger city productions. This year, the pageant will celebrate 43 years in Mexico.
The council also approved a motion to hold a work session and the second regular meeting of the month on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, due to the Memorial Holiday (Monday, May 27). Council approved the change with a 5-0 vote.
The meeting adjourned into executive session at 7:37 p.m. pursuant to the Revised Statues of Missouri 610.021 (1) litigation.