Column published May 17, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
""At a meeting held Friday afternoon, a majority of the Mexico grocers and meat men agreed to have their goods delivered by the general delivery system. This system will be installed here in a few weeks. Robert Vardeman, of Independence, and C.H. Vardeman, of Columbia, will have charge of the new delivering. They were in Mexico on Friday, and talked over the proposition with the merchants. This new system will systemize and regulate the delivery of meats and groceries. Every housewife will know when to expect the groceries she orders at a certain time. No deliveries will be made from the store after 4:30 except special deliveries. The Mexico merchants who have agreed to use this plan are: J.E. Sterner, J.C. King, Fred Morris, R.C. Paul and Sons, Moore and Fred Dawson and Co., F.A. Sannebeck. It is probable that the other grocers will come in later."
50 Years Ago
"Rain in the form of slow showers added .47 inches more moisture in the last 24 hours and brought the three day rainfall to 3.10 inches. Reports of damage from Wednesday night's hailstorm continued to be reported to insurance companies. The county court reported today that there was severe damage at the county farm. More than 20 windows were broken out, and the roof on the barn was badly damaged and probably will have to be replaced. There was some damage on the main building roof. The conditions producing moisture were moving out of the area today, and it is expected to be dry and cool for a while. Temperatures will stay in the 70s Saturday and for the next five days they'll average 3 to 8 degreed below normal...Alan Woods and Frances Neate, seniors at Mexico High School have been chosen by the faculty to receive The Ledger's Citizenship and Courtesy awards for 1963, Howard Hall, assistant MHS principal, announced today. Alan, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Woods, was named citizen for his participation in school and community affairs. Frances, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William B. Neate, is deemed the most courteous among the students at MHS."
25 Years Ago
"Roger Yazell of Mexico, a candidate for the Republican nomination for 15th District state representative, has announced his intentions to withdraw form the race. He said he would file his formal withdrawal today after consultations with local and state party officials. Mr. Yazell had announced in March that he would again challenge Rep. Ray Hamlett, D.-Laddonia, who has held the office for nearly 14 years. The Republican had lost a similar bid to Rep. Hamlett in 1986. 'My decision to withdraw has been a difficult one,' Mr. Yazell said, 'particularly in light of the very strong support and encouragement I've received from district residents. Personal considerations and obligations, however, have made it apparent that I will not be able to remain a candidate. 'It is my hope that a timely withdrawal will allow my party's district committee the opportunity to select a candidate that can offer the voters of this district the type of quality representation that has been long overdue and needed. Missouri election laws provide for the selection of a candidate by the party's district committee if the sole candidate for the party's nomination withdraws prior to 5 p.m. on the 11th Tuesday before the August primary. The deadline for naming of a candidate by the committee will be June 7.
10 Years Ago
"Dozens of faded black and white portraits of men in military uniform sit on the shelves. Some of the men in the pictures are grinning, while others have a serious or grim look on their faces. 'Each one of those pictures has an amazing story behind it,' said Dana Keller, executive director of the Audrain County Historical Society. The soldiers' portraits are a sample of more than 100 photographs from World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam that have been donated by local veterans for a new exhibit on display at the Historical Society Museum from May 20 until June 7. In April, with more than 100,000 American troops fighting a war in Iraq, the Historical Society explored ways to compile items for a wartime exhibit. 'It was just so timely, and something, that was on everyone's mind. We just wanted something that people could connect to on a personal level,' said Keller."
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