To Mexico City Council members

Several residents of the Terrace Circle neighborhood gathered at the Mexico City Council meeting Monday night, to seek help with the constant flow of water in their block.
According to resident Mary Sobba, at least 3 inchesof water has been known to settle in front of her home, on a regular basis. Sobba said she has contacted both the city and the water company about the issue, but the problem persists.
At least three other residents attended and told of their problems with standing water.
"There are eight houses on the cul-de-sac and we have water 24-7 (in front of our homes); a problem that we would like to get solved," Sobba told the council. "There is gray moss and green moss, slime and mosquitos, and problems that could be considered health hazards, and we wanted to make the council aware."
Sobba said tests taken verify there is no chlorine in the water and the water is clean. Sobba said she has dealt with the problem for nearly three years, and that it is a "nuisance and a slimy mess."
The group wants the city to put in a storm drain to help collect the water, and in turn move it out of their living areas. City Engineer Kensey Russell said the city could put in an inlet and pipe to re-channel the water, but there would be cost involved.
Council asked staff for more research on the issue, and advised the citizens they would get back with them.
In other news, the council approved a resolution to renew a contract with Braik Brothers for the Brush Collection Site. Concern was voiced by Councilman Chris Williams that the company was not keeping the site clear of pallets and construction materials as stated in the original contract. Staff advised that the Braik Brothers are aware of the concerns and intend to address them; however, no time frame was suggested. Council approved the new contract with a 5-0 vote.
The council also addressed and approved the following with 5-0 votes:
• A resolution authorizing the city to sign change order No. 2 with Willis Bros., Inc., for the West Liberty Sewer Project, from Muldrow to Missouri Street.
• An ordinance accepting the Right-Of-Way Deed from the County of Audrain for ACR 820 Project No. TSCP - 4400 (306).
• An ordinance amending Chapter 6, Article XV. Sidewalk Cafes, Section 6-458. Indemnification and insurance requirements of the Code of the City of Mexico. Sidewalk Cafe owners will now be responsible for providing $1,000,000 bodily injury or property damage per occurrence, and a $2,000,000 General Aggregate Limit. The City of Mexico shall be named as an additional insured under such insurance contract (except for Workers' Compensation coverage). Staff said that the city's only Sidewalk Cafe establishment was already in compliance and had voiced no opposition.
The meeting adjourned into executive session at 7:59 p.m. to discuss litigation and real estate.