Forty-three children participating this week

Boys and girls in fourth through sixth grade have the opportunity this week to learn about World War II. Forty-three kids are participating in the Audrain County Historical Society's History Camp being held at the museum through Friday. The theme is "WWII – We Can Do It."
Adult volunteers with the assistance of junior volunteers are teaching the campers about the war.
"We usually have as many adult and junior volunteers as campers," said Dana Keller, executive director of the Audrain County Historical Museum.
The campers are learning not only about the war, but how it affected people here in the U.S. To eat they must use ration stamps, and they are learning to recycle. During the war recycling was done to help make ammunition.
"One group brought in 188 pounds to be recycled," stated Keller.
On Monday students fought in the Battle of Britain, and today they are learning how to make rubber and they are learning how to make food packets. They also have the opportunity to hear from Mexico resident Hans Neuman, a member of Hilter's Youth tell his story.
The camp will close Friday at noon when the Missouri Veterans' Home residents will be lunch guests of the campers. "They (the campers) plan to put on a USO show for them," said Keller in reference to the veterans.
In addition to learning about World War II, campers want to sponsor a veteran to travel on the Central Missouri Honor Flight. To raise money for this goal, they are holding a lemonade and iced tea stand during lunch hour each day (noon to 1 p.m.). Anyone who wants to help the campers raise money can enter the circle drive in front of the museum and for any size donation they will be given an order of tea or lemonade. According to the Central Missouri Honor Flight website, a contribution of $300 sponsors a veteran to travel on an Honor Flight. The campers are doing very well raising money and they are hoping to send more than one veteran.
"We hope to send two veterans," Keller said with pride regarding the efforts the campers are putting into the fundraiser. She also has praise for the community members who are coming by on their lunch hour to help with the fundraiser.
Anyone who wants more information about the Honor Flight, should visit the website at