Thirty-three students finish year with perfect attendance

Thirty-three students of Mexico Public School District No. 59 in grades K-12 finished the 2012-13 school year with perfect attendance.
"Perfect attendance is an amazing feat in today's world," Mexico Middle School Principal Deb Hill Haag said. "Students have to dodge sickness, doctors' appointments during the day – and the desire to sleep in – to make it. Their reward is not missing one bit of the education provided, which will result in dividends in their adult lives."
There were eight middle school students with perfect attendance: Kenzie Benjamin, Taylor Bledsoe, Helena Fairchild, Elizabeth Hodde, Sarah Kasubke and Hannah Rogers, sixth grade; Julie Rothermich, seventh grade; and Elizabeth Kasubke, eighth grade.
McMillan Elementary School had the most students with perfect attendance: Kalea Henneberry, Logan Johannaber and John Nichols, second grade; Je'Von Mahaney and Alanna Rose, third grade; Shane Schoneboom, fourth grade; and Tailya Rehma, Isabelle Riportella and Lacy Schoneboom, fifth grade.
Hawthorne students with perfect attendance were Xavier O'Rourke, second grade; Riley Thurman, third grade; and Ruthie Duncan and Shard Mullens, fifth grade.
"These students are truly dedicated to being at school," Holly Pashia, Hawthorne principal, said. "For example, Ruthie was one of our safety patrol students. She never missed a day on the job. That dedication to attendance will teach them an immeasurable lesson for life."
There were eight Eugene Field Elementary School students with perfect attendance: Micha Bailey, kindergarten; Jasmine George and Taylor McCann, second grade; Ryle Johnson, third grade; Dante Billups, Edward Jimenez and Joseph Mitchell, fourth grade; and Anna McGrath, fifth grade.
"There is a direct correlation between academics and attendance, Christine Harper, Eugene Field principal said. "When students are at school every day, they are learning. I am very proud of these students for not missing a single minute of school this year."
There were four Mexico High School students with perfect attendance: Austin Bitner and Kayla Curtis, ninth grade; and Joel Ayers and Cheyenne Poteet, twelfth grade.
"We are very proud of our 33 students with perfect attendance, Superintendent of Schools Kevin Freeman, said. "It is a credit to the students and their parents that they made the commitment to make school attendance a priority in their lives."