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Cardinals continue to surprise, impress with quality play
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By Dennis Miller
My name is Dennis Miller and I am a lifelong resident of Kirksville, MO. I have been totally blind since birth and a sports fanatic just as long. I like all sports but love baseball and am a proud lifelong member of Cardinal Nation. It is my honor ...
The Way I See It
My name is Dennis Miller and I am a lifelong resident of Kirksville, MO. I have been totally blind since birth and a sports fanatic just as long. I like all sports but love baseball and am a proud lifelong member of Cardinal Nation. It is my honor to be given the opportunity to write a blog for the Kirksville Daily Express and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.
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By Dennis Miller
June 21, 2013 2:09 p.m.

I don’t care if the Miami Heat did win the NBA championship last night, I’m still leading with my Cardinals. I’ll get to the Heat later.
The St. Louis Cardinals took three out of four games from the Chicago Cubs as the Cardinals rode an excellent pitching performance by Lance Lynn and stellar work by the bullpen to a 6 to 1 victory. Lynn becomes the second 10 game winner on the Cardinals staff as he moved his record to 10 and 1, avenging his only loss of the season. The Cardinals begin a series of interleague games with teams from the AL West tonight as they open a three game series with the Texas Rangers at Busch Stadium. The Rangers are not anywhere near the same team the Cardinals played in the 2011 World Series but they are still a good team.
I continue to marvel and just how good this Cardinals team is. They have solid pitching, solid hitting especially with runners on base which is past years has been a problem, and for the most part have gotten solid defense and good pitching from their bullpen. The team has dealt with diversity at various points during the season but has done so without missing a beat. There is a weakness in their rotation at the moment with Tyler Lyons struggling his last three outings but that is very easily fixable in my opinion. One of the things I have most enjoyed about watching this team is the continued emergence of Yadier Molina as one of the best if not the best overall players in baseball. He has always had top notch catching skills but he has realy come into his own as a hitter and has to be considered one of the top hitters in baseball and he has the statistics to prove it this year. He is the one player the Cardinals cannot live without in my opinion. Since his brother became the assistant hitting coach he has only improved and is still improving. He has quietly become one of the most respected players in the game and is a joy to watch day in and day out.
The Kansas City Royals are still playing below their capabilities but are playing better. They have gone from cellar dwelling to hanging out in third place and have a chance to move up in the standing this weekend as they start a three games series tonight with the Chicago White Sox who are headed in the opposite direction. The AL Central is by far the weakest division in baseball this year and although the Detroit Tigers are leading the division and have for most of the year they are simply the best of a bad bunch of teams.
Now to the Heat. Although I would like to I can’t take anything away from the Miami Heat. They hung tough, dealt with adversity, stayed focused and came away with their second straight NBA title. The San Antonio Spurs have nothing to be ashamed of, they were almost as good. Last night’s 95 to 88 score doesn’t truly reflect how close Game 7 was and it was in doubt until the final seconds. For a team that was supposed to be dominated by the Heat, they played just about as good as they could have played. Their collapse at the end of Game 6 kind of sealed their fate in my opinion but they came out hard in Game 7 and put up a tremendous battle.
Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals is tomorrow night and if this series doesn’t go all seven games I will be shocked and quite frankly disappointed. This has been an incredible series by two evenly matched teams. Game 4 was another overtime thriller, the third of the series. Both the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins have represented their sport very well during a time when the NHL is in desperate need of an image overhaul. I don’t think they could have asked for a better scenario than what they are getting.
The PGA tour continues this weekend with the Traveler’s while NASCAR is also in action on Saturday and Sunday. The college world series also continues, so there is plenty of sports action on this first weekend of summer. We’ll be back on Monday to talk about a lot of it and whatever else comes our way. I’m sure I’ll mention the Cardinals at some point as well. Thanks for taking the time to check out this blog and please do the same for all the other blogs on this site.
Have a terrific weekend!

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