Column published June 28, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"One of the most enjoyable evenings ever spent in North Mexico was last Monday when about 40 friends and neighbors marched into the residence of D.A. Murphy and surprised the family beyond comparison for a farewell party. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. George Bremer, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dyson, Miss Ruth Selby of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Neely, Miss Blanche Neeley, Mr. and Mrs. Slavens, Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, Wm. Sallee, Mr. and Mrs. Grover White and daughter, Miss Lilly Hendrix, Miss Bettie Jolly, Robert Jolly, Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Lyman, Mrs. Henry Marshall and children, Mrs. Vy Wright, Miss Katie Marshall and mother, Mrs. Mary Watts, Miss Wilda Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Barkley. The family was presented a handsome candelabra, a token of the love and friendship of their many friends."
50 Years Ago
"A city ordinance providing for another bond election on July 23 for sewer treatment plant improvements and extension of trunk lines was given final passage by three members of the city council last night at a special meeting. Councilman Carl Turnbough and Harry Hildebrand were not present. Mayor Harold James and Councilmen J.R. Johnson and Leonard Snyder gave the ordinance third reading. Third and final reading was also given an ordinance to the building code which will liberalize provisions for building permits. Permits will not be required for jobs costing less than $100. Non-structural changes and building in excess of $100 will require a permit but there will be no permit fee required. Under a simplified permit procedure, a person can telephone building official J.E. Strobel, giving information as to name address and work planned. A card of permit will be mailed back to the applicant. The building official will make spot-checks on work. The amended code also provides that when separate plumbing and electrical permits are required on a building project, the value of the plumbing and electrical work will be deducted from the total value, thus saving money on permit fees."
25 Years Ago
"Missouri Military Academy's annual fund campaign set new records in both dollars and donors during 1987-88, Development Committee Chairman Theodore G. Saydyk Jr. of Colorado Springs, Colo., recently announced. A total of $186,403, representing 429 donations, was raised during the committee's year-long campaign directed at parents, alumni and friends of MMA. More than 90 percent of the amount was designated for use in building and equipped the Centennial Gymtorium, nearing completion on the school's campus. The sum marked the largest total since the inception of the committee 17 years ago, and represented 114 percent of the goal established by the group for 1987-88. In the last three years, the committee has raised $463,217. ... Today's rain may signal only temporary relief from drought-like conditions, a National Weather Service representative said this morning. 'I think it's still too early to tell what impact it will have,' said Brynn Kerr of the Columbia weather service office. 'But right now, it's good news.' Mr. Kerr said a cold front pushing south from the Great Lakes has met a front of warm, moist air moving north from the Gulf of Mexico. 'They're clashing, helping to produce rain and thundershowers,' he said. The rain is expected to end Thursday after totaling 1 to 2 inches. Mr. Kerr said isolated areas may receive up to 3 inches. As of 11:30 a.m, Mexico had received 0.17 inch. Isolated thundershowers may continue through Sunday, with highs in the mid-80s to low 90s and lows in the mid-60s. No significant rainfall is expected during that period."
10 Years Ago
"The sky was falling – or at least it seemed that way for Animal Control Officer Sara Williams. Williams was searching for falcons around the Mexico Village Square on Friday morning, when she noticed several bricks on top of the Dollar Plus building were loose. 'On the top corner of the projection above the roof some bricks were loose and tilted out over the sidewalk,' City Manager Tanna Parish described the scene. The cause of the loose brick is unknown, but Parish suspects the building was struck by lightning during Wednesday night's storms. Parish and Bob Barnes, the owner of Dollar Plus, quickly roped off the sidewalk and parking spaces surrounding the building. Although none of the bricks had fallen, Parish wanted to ensure that no one would be hurt if they did fall. Earlier in the morning, small pieces of brick and mortar had fallen from the building to the sidewalk below. City workers removed the loose bricks before any large pieces could break loose."
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