Column published July 1, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"The prospects for a corn crop in Audrain are good though uneven, according to farmer E.W. Rusk. Unless the rains discontinue for an indefinite period we will have a good corn crop. The oats were practically all too short for the mower but where they could be cut the smut had damaged them. The wheat, he says, was much better than at first glance and many found after cutting, their first estimate of the yield would be too small."
50 Years Ago
"Thirty-five American Field Service students from 19 countries were guests of the Mexico Rotary Club at a luncheon today and the group will be entertained at a dance at the Empire Club tonight. Stopping over here en route to Washington, D.C., to meet President Kennedy and tour the nation's capitol before departing for their homelands, these students have traveled across the country from California."
25 Years Ago
"Quick thinking by an off-duty Mexico Public Safety officer foiled a liquor-store burglary early Thursday morning in the north-central section of town where she lives. Officer Kim Kniess reported that she saw a car stop just west of her home on West Anderson shortly after 2:30 a.m. Thursday. A few seconds later, she heard someone walking on her front porch. After picking up her gun, she said, she went to the front door in time to catch a glimpse of a man disappearing behind the house across the street. A few minutes later, she heard a sound of wood splintering. She called Public Safety Department for backup, then went into the street and confronted three men who were running in her direction. Officer Kniess said she shouted for the men to stop. When one continued to run toward her, she fired a warning shot into the air. The would-be burglars fled the scene on foot, leaving their loot behind as the backup car arrived on the scene. The three eluded capture and disappeared to the south."
10 Years Ago
"Andrew Patrick Kent graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in May. He received a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Geology and a minor in Geographical Information Systems with an extensive emphasis in Computer Science. Andrew is the son of Ron and Sarah Kent, and grandson of Jerene Clibourn and Blanche Kent, all of Mexico."
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