Column published July 8, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"Work will start at once on the large store room occupied by Fredendall & Wilkins department store in the rear of the main store room as well as in the ready-to-wear and the millinery department second story decks will be built to accommodate the arrangement of stock. In the main room the second deck will contain the carpets and rugs with Mr. Wilkins' office and the cashier's office. In the millinery department the second deck will be the alteration room. These improvements will be a great benefit to the establishment in caring for the trade."
50 Years Ago
"Heavy rains here Friday and Saturday apparently have stirred up the sludge in Salt River downstream from the sewage disposal plant, causing a great many fish to die, Conservation Agent Eugene Baldwin said today. The resulting odor is very unpleasant to residents of the area, he added. He said he stood yesterday on the first bridge north of Mexico and saw dead fish by the score. Mr. Baldwin said he checked with the sanitation department employees to see if any new troubles had developed at the disposal plant and found there are none. Apparently, he said, the rains which raised the level of Salt River from four to six inches caused the sludge settled in the bottom of the river to rise and kill the fish."
25 Years Ago
"A total of 150 lambs from throughout the state of Missouri were exhibited at the Show-Me Market Lamb Show held Thursday at the Audrain County Fairgrounds. Named Grand Champion overall was a Hampshire shown by Tara Bell of Salisbury while another Salisbury exhibitor, Correen Shoonhoven, showed a Suffolk chosen the Reserve Grand Champion."
10 Years Ago
"The Community R-6 Board of Education decided to raise staff salaries and hired a new softball coach in regular session on June 18. Community R-6 certificated staff salaries were raised $750, which sets the base for a first year teacher at the bachelor degree level at $24,250. Salaries for non-certificated employees were raised 25 cents per hour and the daily rate for aides with a bachelor degree or teaching certificate was increased by $1 per day. The board approved the proposed 2003-2004 budget. After discussion in executive session the board voted to hire Natalie Gibson as girls softball coach and Sandy Gastler as junior high student council sponsor."
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