Presented to Mexico City Council

In 2012, Mexico Housing Authority housed 294 families, with 316 families members; 172 were children, with an average age of seven years old. This and other Housing information was shared during a recent city council work session presentation by the Mexico Housing Authority Board of Directors.
The Housing Authority is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and directed by a five- member board of directors appointed by Mexico City Council members. The board of directors include Chairperson Rita Jackson and commissioners Joyce Jackson, Dale Dowell, Robert Marty and housing tenant Leta Gardner, each serving four-year terms. The Housing Executive Director is Edmund Carrera.
Mexico Housing Authority programs include public housing and a HUD Section 8 program, each providing housing for qualified low-income families. During the June 24 Work Session, Commissioner Marty shared the following information with city council members:
Public Housing Program
In 2012, the Garfield community had 98 housing units and an additional 117 single family units scattered throughout the city of a total of 215 families housed.
The Housing Authority pays utility bills to the City of Mexico. In 2012, the agency paid $100,725.48 for sewage and $65,000 to Missouri American Water Co.
The Housing Authority Capital Fund for renovation of existing Public Housing units paid 16 contractors $210,000 during 2012. The Authority also pays the City annually $8,321 as a payment in lieu of taxes (Pilot Fund).
HUD Section 8 Program
The Mexico Housing Authority Section 8 Housing Program utilizes existing rental housing and provides a rental assistance voucher to qualified low-income families.
Marty said the Authority is authorized to provide vouchers to 150 low-income families, and that in 2012 there were 56 local landlords provided housing to 150 low-income families in the Housing Authority Section 8 Program. He noted the Authority paid $537,132 in vouchers to individual landlords in 2012.
The following is an overview of the Mexico Housing Authority budget for the fiscal year March 2012 to April 2013:

To the City:
Sewer $100,725.48
Water $65,000
PILOT $8,321
Total: $174,046.48
To Landlords:
$537,132.00 (56 landlords)
To Contractors: $210,000 (16 contractors)
Total: $747,132.00
Annual Payroll (10 employees) $276,000
Attorney fees (annually): $6,000
Total: $282,000
Marty said the Housing Authority uses a point system to qualify for placement on the waiting list:
50 points for elderly or handicap
50 points for resident of Mexico
50 points for those employed
Previous landlord information and background check are required.
"The Public Housing and the Rental Assistance programs are very important in the maintaining of family stability for low income families, keeping the children in the same school and giving the family roots in the community," Marty said.
Marty said the Authority also provides program space at a very reasonable expense for the Senior Center, The Help Center and a community building for other local functions.