When I started this blog I was given strict instructions from my two girls, DO NOT BLOG ABOUT ME…well I have a little but not much and I always let them read it before I hit the send button.  My middle child was in the Miss Macon County pageant Sunday night and I was so very proud of her!  She was among four other girls and they all did a great job.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to judge! 

Pageants are more prevalent in the south.   The whole “toddlers and tiaras” show is true to an extent but I never put the girls in pageants until they were in school.  In fact, they were in pageants starting in kindergarten for my youngest and third grade for my middle daughter and they both always did very well.  When we moved here, we had a closet full of pageant dresses and no pageants to attend or not like in the south anyway.   My middle daughter has been in a few over the last couple of years but this pageant Sunday night was a big one. 

The contestants went through an interview earlier in the day and then they competed in informal wear, talent and evening gown.  My daughter sang “Old Time Rock and Roll” and dressed up like Tom Cruise from the movie Risky Business.  I know I will say this a lot during this blog, so please bare with me…but she did such a good job!  She has been in choir since elementary school and continued that when we moved here and competed in choir and was in the school plays.  But, she had not been in front of an audience in quite some time but you wouldn’t have known it from her performance!  She was a natural on stage and really didn’t act nervous at all.  I would have been shaking in my socks! 

At the end of the evening, my daughter won Miss Congeniality, which I think is a great honor because the girls vote on that particular award.   It was a great experience for her and I will say it again, we are so proud of her, not only for doing such a good job in the pageant but for the young lady she has become!  She will be off to college again soon, summer doesn’t last long enough.  I missed her over her first year of college and I have enjoyed having her home. 

To the five contestants who competed in Miss Macon County Sunday night, congratulations!  You all did a great job, you each are beautiful, smart and talented young ladies and Macon County was represented well!  Congratulations to the winners! 

In conjunction with the Miss Macon County pageant, fair week started.  If you have never been to the Macon County Town and Country Fair you should go and check it out.  It’s located at the Macon Fairgrounds.   They have all kinds of things going on from now until July 14th.  If you go to the Missouri Extension website you can find out more about the fair schedule http://extension.missouri.edu/macon .  This is a great week for the 4H and FFA kids to be able to show their livestock and other projects.  And if you are there for the silent auction on Saturday, my youngest has a ham for sale! 

Thanks for letting me brag on my kid for a bit.  And hopefully she won’t be too mad at me for blogging about her, I didn’t let her read this one!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!