Dubbed a success

The Mexico community played host to the city's first All-Town Garage Sale last weekend, attracting some 118 vendors and hundreds more shoppers from throughout the region. Visitors were said to have come from as far as Fulton, Centralia, Paris and Santa Fe to shop for bargains.
The organizer of the day-long event, Bev Davis, said she organized the effort after hearing about other communities hosting similar events. She considers Mexico's turnout a success and hopes to make the All-Town Garage Sale an annual event – maybe even a bi-annual occasion.
"I think it turned out really great. I even had a sale myself that was the busiest I've ever had. We were busy pretty much until mid-afternoon, then later it picked up and got busy again," Davis said Monday. "This was Mexico's first ever all-town sale and there were some people that thought we should have two (per year) and others that thought we should hold sales for each section of town."
Davis said she first advertised the all-town sale through the local media and then the idea was put on Facebook to gather community input and interest.
"First, I called city hall and the chamber to check and make sure about all the city rules and regulations against having one. Then, someone put it on Facebook and it got a tremendous response," Davis said. The media announcements, she noted, garnered 62 names on the original list. After the initial July 9 deadline, 46 more signed up on the Facebook list. Lists were available at Mexico's two Casey's General Store locations and at the McDonald's restaurant.
Davis said the business community was very supportive. McDonald's restaurant donated 600 food and drink coupons that were attached to the sale lists for later use. The media outlets ran repeated notices to help promote the event and two local businesses made monetary donations to help offset the costs of printing the lists. Davis said in total 750 lists were made. She also credits Mexico resident Cassie Borcherding for voluntarily putting the Facebook listing together, and recognized Tammy Morgan and Ron Beedle for their help.
"Because this was the first year and I'd never done anything like this before, it was a little rough and I had made a few non-major mistakes, but everyone was great about helping me with it," Davis explained. "When the Mexico-only Garage Sale Page appeared on Facebook people just kept adding their names and it's wonderful that they did."
The Facebook site is still active.
Davis also noted there were some people who did not sign up on the original or secondary lists, but still held a sale at their home. For next year's event, she hopes more people will sign up earlier.
Proceeds from this year's entry fees will go to The Help Center. Davis was uncertain Monday when that presentation would be.
She also hopes to include more county residents in next year's All-Town Sale. This year, Davis said, they had some participation from residents living on Route FF, and on highways 15 and 22.
"But, we would love more," she added.
Those interested in forming a committee and helping organize the 2014 All-Town Garage Sale can contact Davis at 581-7351 or email her at grandmabev1951@yahoo.com
Residents who held sales last weekend are encouraged to retrieve their garage sale signs that are posted throughout town.