Tuckpoint work is another part of county's efforts to preserve courthouse appearance

Restorations being done at the Audrain County Courthouse continue this week, with an estimated late summer completion. Commissioners said the tuck point work being done is another part of the county's efforts to preserve the appearance of the courthouse.
"This is another phase in our work on the courthouse that started in 2012 with the installation of the elevator and the new roof. Now, we're having to address the exterior of the building," Audrain County Presiding Commissioner Steve Hobbs told The Mexico Ledger Monday. Hobbs said the last time the building was tuck pointed was 20 years ago. "So we're having to re-mortar the bricks and thoroughly clean the building."
Hobbs said the contractors are also working to clear the mildew from the building that is caused by the shade trees in the south lawn area. They are also sealing areas of the building to prevent the escape of moisture that can come out of the structure. ]
"It's a new type of sealer that makes the bricks shed water instead of soaking it in. We're hoping it will make it look good for a long time," Hobbs said, adding that the project is costing the county $90,000 and carries a 10-year guarantee.
"It's something we have to have. We don't want the bricks to start falling out," the commissioner added. "We have appropriated this money in the budget this year to do the exterior restoration. Next year, we plan to appropriate money to address our sidewalk issue."
Monday, construction crews were unable to work all day, due to court being in session. Tuesday, they were delayed as well.
"This puts us in a pickle. We had the same problem when we put in the roof and elevator," Hobbs said. "We have to work with the contractors, and they know if they are making excessive noise and court is in session, they will have to delay their work until court is completed; and we have court almost every day."
Hobbs said the crews will be working well into August, and with working around the court schedule, he anticipates the project to be done by late August.
"We apologize for any inconveniences caused by the fencing around building. It is placed there to help protect the public. After all is done, we're hoping to have something pretty that the public will appreciate in the end. We appreciate your patience."