For regular monthly meeting

Ledger staff writer
The Mexico Board of Education met at noon Monday for its regular monthly meeting to discuss paperless board packets, a transfer of funds to capital projects and a secretary salary adjustment.
Five directors were present at the beginning of the meeting – Robby Miller, Bev Borgeson, Beverly MacFarlane, Dr. Elwood Rice and Dustin Pascoe. Director Pat McGuire was absent and President Dr. Peter Perll arrived late.
The board discussed paperless board packets at its June meeting, and Dr. Perll made a motion for the board secretary to procure the cost for BoardDOCS Pro and computer devices. Monday, members were presented with proposals that included BoardDOCS and eBoard Solutions for the board to review and discuss at a later date.
The board approved the secretary salary adjustment, with the following recommended changes:
Change No. 1: All three elementary principal secretaries from Pay Grade 2 to Pay Grade 4 (to match the middle school and high school). The total new money equals $6,708.
Change No. 2: Adjust the following persons at central office so that all central office secretaries are grade 5 or higher, and give needed and/or requested raise in a place or two. The overarching idea is to create a system whereby secretaries who stay with the district and want to move up in responsibility and pay will have that opportunity when positions are open. Building attendance secretaries will be Pay Grade 2, counselor secretaries will be Pay Grade 3 and principal secretaries will be Pay Grade 4. Adjustments were also made for nine other secretarial positions in the district. Total new money equals $10,741.
In summary, eliminating one position creates a $20,120 savings, making a total of all changes in position on salary schedule $17,449 in new money – an overall savings to district of $2,671.
Board members also approved a transfer of $470,000 (the proposed amount for wish lists and transfers) to capital funds to be used for school projects. Approval of the transfer makes the Reserve Percentage for 2012-13 at 19.03 percent — which is a cent and a half over last year. The board plans to discuss the FY14 budget at the next meeting.
The board adjourned into executive session at 12:50 p.m. to discuss personnel matters. The next regular monthly meeting is Aug.  20.