Aug. 6 date set

A special election of the Common No. 1 Special Road District of Audrain County is being held Aug. 6, to vote on a proposition asking voters if the county can levy a continuing additional tax rate of 35 cents per one hundred dollars assessed valuation for a period of four years.
Common No. 1 Special Road District covers 600 miles of Audrain County roadway, and the tax rate pays for the fuel, gravel, maintenance and labor of all roads within the district.
According to Western District Commissioner Tom Groves, the passage of the proposal is important to the continuance of county road services. Annually, the tax provides $340,000 to the budget — $300,000 of which is used to purchase rock. When severe weather occurs, Groves said, the cost for extra needed maintenance and supplies can add up.
"This tax is what pays for all the gravel and maintenance of the roads in the Common No. 1 area, and if we don't have it, we don't have the money in the general revenue to pay for it," Groves said Thursday. He added that this election will be the commission's second attempt to get the proposal passed. In 2012, that attempt ended in a tie, making it necessary for another special election.
"Simply put, this is what we base our budget on for the district," Groves said. If it does not pass, he noted, "the county could still operate at a much decreased rate, but It will mean cuts in supplies, services and lead to a lay-off of personnel."
There will be a public test of the voting equipment to be used at the election on Aug. 1 at 3 p.m. in the County Clerk's office.

Polling places for the election will be:

Friendship Baptist Church for the following precincts:
5-Rush Hill
6-South Fork
Hopewell Baptist Church for the following precincts:
Friendship Christian Church for the following precinct: