Procedure in drop-off/pick-up area behind school will be streamlined.

When the sixth-eighth grade students begin school Aug. 15, there will be changes at the front and back of the building. The procedure in the drop-off/pick-up area behind the school will be streamlined. In the front hall of the school, an inlaid bulldog in the floor will greet visitors, along with new tile and a renovated circle drive.
"We are always concerned about the safety of our students," Principal Deborah Hill Haag said. "In the past, cars would be double and triple-parked in the unloading area, so students had to walk between cars."
Now, there will be one lane for drop-off/pick-up, in the area closest to the building. The zone will be designated by yellow lines.
"It also is important for students to be ready to exit the car as soon as the car enters the yellow safety zone," Haag said. "Cars do not need to be the front car of the line to release students. Any place in the yellow zone is fine."
The Middle School building opens at 7:25 a.m. School begins at 7:54 a.m.
Haag also said she is very proud of the emblem placed in the floor at MMS. The circle includes a drawing of a bulldog, and the message "Home of the Bulldogs."
The emblem is the creation of Mexico resident Fred Jones, and his local business, Jones Waterjet Services. Jones donated the design, material and installation of the emblem.
"We were glad to give something back to the school district," Jones said. "Both Janet and I went to school in Mexico, as well as our kids, and Janet worked at and retired from the schools. We donated the bulldog in appreciation."
Twelve-feet in circumference, the emblem is in front of the gym doors in the front lobby. The logo is cut from individual tiles which were glued into place.
"The logo will last a lifetime," Director of Operations Mitch Ridgway said. "Fred and his business worked weekends to create the logo to complete the project prior to the beginning of the school year."
Haag said she is pleased with all the improvements.
"School culture is a balance between the physical building and the people who spend much of their time in that building," Haag said. "Dan Mika has done a phenomenal job laying tile this summer so that the students have a cleaner and healthier environment. To top off those benefits, Mr. Jones' generous creation has given us a symbol of what we try to instill in our students. We are Mexico Bulldogs and proud of it!"
The carpet is being replaced gradually, with several classrooms and three hallways completed this summer.
Also, the circle drive was milled down two inches, and replaced with a new surface along with new curbing on the south side.