After taking 2 out of 3 games from the Chicago Cubs over the weekend the St. Louis Cardinals find themselves 1 game behind the division leading Pittsburgh Pirates who lost 2 out of 3 to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The Pirates are actually struggling offensively right now but have still managed to hang onto first place.  Adam Wainright finally won a game after having several good outings in a row but not getting any offensive support.  Friday’s game which was the only one the Cardinals lost to the Cubs featured another bad outing by Jake Westbrook who hasn’t pitched well since being forced into relief action a few weeks ago after Shelby Miller was struck by a batted ball in the first inning of a game.  Miller has rebounded nicely but Westbrook hasn’t pitched right since that game.  The Cardinals are in Milwaukee to begin a series with the Brewers tonight.  The Pirates are in San Diego so the Cardinals must keep winning and hope the Padres can help them out by beating the Pirates. 

The Kansas City Royals took 3 out of 5 games from the Detroit Tigers over the weekend but really have nothing to show for it.  The Royals are playing well but have very little chance of making much of a run at the Tigers or the final wild card spot.  They are actually closer to that final wild card spot than they are the Tigers but it will take a collapse by one of the teams in front of them for the Royals to be able to make a move.  All the Royals can do at this point is to keep doing what they have been doing and hope for help from other teams. 

The Kansas City Chiefs lost their second preseason game on Friday night to the San Francisco 49ers in a game that started off looking very promising for the Chiefs but went downhill from there.  I don’t think you can read all that much into these preseason games but it does appear the Chiefs front line offense is much better but they have very little depth and that could be an issue should they lose one of the offensive starters for any length of time.  The Chiefs are very much a work in progress and I do expect them to continue to improve as the season progresses. 

The St. Louis Rams didn’t have much fun either as they too lost their second preseason game to the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night.  I didn’t see the game but reports indicate the Rams coaching staff was not at all pleased with the Rams play on Saturday night so it looks like the Rams are still a mystery but I do expect them to be better as well. 

Joey Logano won the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Michigan yesterday as he held on to win what appeared to be a very competitive race.  NASCAR is in Bristol this weekend if I’m not mistaken and those races are always fun to watch. 

I meant to mention this in one of last week’s blogs but kept forgetting, one of my favorite sporting events of the year enters its second week in Williamsport, PA.  The Little League World Series began last week featuring teams from all over the world and I always make it a point to watch several of these games because it’s baseball played at its truest form.  These kids aren’t taking PED’s or making millions of dollars a year, they are using the gifts God gave them to play a game they love playing and it is a joy to watch.  I hope you will take the time to watch a game or two before the tournament wraps up this weekend. 

We’ll be back on Wednesday with another blog as we continue to count down the days to the start of the 2013 football season and the baseball pennant races continue to heat up.  Thanks as always for taking the time to check out this and all the other blogs on this site.

Have a terrific week!