To set 2013-2014 tax levy rates.

The Mexico School District conducted a public hearing Tuesday night at the monthly Board of Education meeting to set the 2013-2014 tax levy rates.
With little conversation and no public comment or objection, the new rate was approved at 4.0470. Last year's rate was 4.0243.
Each year, the district's tax rates may increase or decrease due to Missouri constitutional and statutory provisions. The levy is computed and approved by the State Auditor's office.
School District tax levy rates are expressed in dollars and cents per $100 assessed evaluation.
The operation's rate is divided into three funds: the general fund, the special revenue (teachers') fund and the capital projects fund. The maximum operations tax rate to be levied is the highest rate voted by the patrons. For Mexico, this rate is $3.75. This is the voter-approved rate from 1980.
The tax rate for operations is recalculated each year based on changes to the district's assessed valuation. From 1980 until present, the Hancock amendment has caused the ceiling to be lowered. This year's ceiling is $3.4593 per $100 assessed valuation.
The tax rate ceiling is reduced by the Proposition C rollback in districts which do not have a patron approved Proposition C rollback waiver. In the Mexico School District, there will be no Proposition C Rollback due to the voter approved Proposition C Rollback Waiver passed in November 2011.
The maximum tax rate for debt service is computed annually. For 2013, the district will meet its principal and interest obligations on outstanding bonds by maintaining the current Debt Service Fund tax levy rate of .5877— a rate that has been used since 2007.
The debt service fund levy history from 1997 to 2004 was $.50. In 2005, it saw a slight decrease, and then went back up in 2006. From 2007 to 2012 the debt service fund levy has been maintained at $.5877.
Recommendations for 2013-2014 adjusted tax levy rate are as follows:
Adjusted Tax Levy Rate
Incidental Fund $3.3793
Special Revenue Fund 0
Capital Projects Fund .0800
Subtotal for operations 3.4593
Debt Service Fund .5877
Total $4.0470
In other news, the board congratulated Carol Tratchel on her retirement, after serving the district 19 years. Tratchel has been with the district from 1990-2000 and from 2004-2013. The board also heard the final reading of the 2013A policy update, approved paperless board packets and decided not to back the House Bill 253 Resolution.
According to Superintendent Kevin Freeman, Gov. Nixon called him Monday, asking him to approach the board about passing a resolution urging the legislature to sustain the Governor's veto of House Bill 253. A motion made by board vice president Beverly Borgeson failed with a 3-4 vote. The board's main concern is the impact the bill would have on Missouri public schools.
A copy of the spreadsheet provided to Missouri Association of School Administrators regarding the annual impact to Missouri school districts can be found at http:/ / gov/pdf/hb253-forumla-scenarios.pdf. The Governor's veto message on House Bill 253 is available at http:/governor.