The St. Louis Cardinals have built up a 1 and a half game lead on the Pittsburgh Pirates as the Cardinals go for the sweep tonight against the Cincinnati Reds.

The St. Louis Cardinals have built up a 1 and a half game lead on the Pittsburgh Pirates as the Cardinals go for the sweep tonight against the Cincinnati Reds.  The Cardinals and Pirates have reversed course over the last week with the Pirates now struggling offensively and losing games they could have won while the Cardinals have started to hit well, pitch relatively well and play the game with more intensity.  The Cardinals come from behind victory on Monday night was the type of thing you want to see from a team headed to the playoffs in another month.  I am very much anticipating the start of the three game weekend series between the Cardinals and Pirates on Friday.  The Cardinals haven’t been able to win much in Pittsburgh all year and this weekend is an excellent opportunity to turn that trend around

Although it certainly doesn’t feel like it outside, it’s time for the start of football season.  Most high school and Division I college football teams play their first games of the year over the next four or five days.  The Kirksville High School Tigers start their season by traveling to Southern Boone on Friday night as the Tigers look to improve on last year’s disappointing season.  The Tigers have been working hard this off season and I know they are anxious to line up against another team.  Obviously the Tigers want to improve from last year and come away with a winning record this year.  I think that is very possible.  One thing they and all other high school teams will have to deal with on Friday night is the excessive heat with the temperatures being forecast to reach the 100 degree mark on Friday.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the start times of a few games pushed back due to the heat but I really don’t know how much good pushing back the start time of a game by thirty minutes or an hour is going to help all that much.  The fact of the matter is that it will be dangerously hot and the players, coaches, and officials are going to have to keep an eye on one another and make sure that everyone stays hydrated as cramping could be a major problem along with all the other issues that come with the extreme heat. 

The Missouri Tigers play their first game Saturday night as they take on Murray State.  I really don’t know what to think about the Missouri Tigers this year.  I hope they have a good season but it is going to be a struggle in my opinion.  Their non conference schedule is laughably easy but once they hit SEC conference play in October their first three games are with top 10 ranked teams and they have a couple of difficult road games after that.  They may very well struggle to have a winning season and I don’t see this team making any sort of bowl game.  I could be wrong but I just don’t think this team has the talent to go very far this year. 

Most KHS sports begin their seasons over the next week or so if they haven’t already.  The KHS girls tennis team has a match tomorrow and softball and soccer are getting ready to start their seasons as well. 

We’ll be back on Friday to look at all the Labor Day sports action that is set for this weekend and whatever else comes our way.  Thanks as always for checking out this and all the blogs on the site.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!