Three groups succeed in having packaged eggs dropped to concrete pavement unharmed

The classic egg drop experiment has been a standard in science, health and math classes for ages, and is still used today by many local educators.
Mexico Middle School students in Ryan Richardson's Health class had their chance to yell "Drop the egg" before having their packaged eggs hurled over the front side of the building by Richardson Tuesday morning.
Johnson's 19 students paired off into two-and-three person teams for the experiment. Three of the groups succeeded in having their packaged eggs dropped to the concrete pavement unharmed.
The winning students were Michael White and Marquis Smith, Quinton Baumgartner and Colton Johnson, Megan Jaeger and Alyssa Cupp.
The students used a variety of packaging materials to support their eggs. White and Smith used a yellow manilla envelope, filled with bubble wrap to protect their egg. Johnson and Baumgartner used a bungee contraption inside their box to secure their egg and Jaeger and Cupp wrapped their egg with cotton, crushed paper and tape to hold their egg. Most of the students attached plastic bags, as parachutes, to use with their cardboard box containers.
The object of the experiment, Johnson said, was to show how the ribs support and protect the heart.
"It was a fun way to learn the lesson," he said.