For fiscal year 2014

Mexico City Council approved the budget for fiscal year 2014 at Monday night's regular monthly meeting. City Manager Bruce Slagle presented the budget which covers the period beginning Oct. 1 and ending Sept. 30, 2014.
The budget provides for expenditures of $13,729,192 with a revenue of $12,801,192. Slagle says the $927,979 difference would be funded by bond proceeds, project reserves and unreserved fund balances. The council unanimously approved the budget.
The city council also approved a resolution allowing Slagle to accept a bid from SAK Construction, LLC to place sanitary sewer pipe lining in the city. SAK was the lowest bidder at $211,738.95. The city had previously budgeted $275,000 for the project.
The council also unanimously approved the passage of two new city ordinances.
The first, Bill No. 2013-63, was titled An Ordinance for the Purpose of Providing for the Annexation of Territory to the Existing Corporate Boundaries of the City of Mexico, Missouri. The passage of this bill annexed property owned by Virginia and Wayne Robertson and property owned by George and Linda Huffman into the city limits of Mexico.
The second ordinance passed, Bill No. 2013-58, An Ordinance Amending the Code of the City of Mexico, Missouri, Chapter 7 Motor Vehicles and Traffic, Article X bans parking on the north side of Pollock Road between Grand Street and Brad Calvert Baseball Field at the Missouri Military Academy.
The council also unanimously accepted the bid from Jefferson City's Meyer Electric Company to replace the lighting at the Fairgrounds Park Tennis Courts. Meyer's bid was $12,800 and provides for 14 1000w light fixtures.
Before the council adjourned, Mayor Ronald Loesch expressed his concern about signage posted throughout the community advertising rummage sales being in violation of city ordinance.