Do you remember where you were 12 years ago today?  I was at home, watching the Today show on television and I remember Matt Lauer saying that they had just got word that a small aircraft had hit one of the towers at the World Trade Center.  I kept watching and they kept showing a picture of the one tower that had been hit and then all of sudden, Katie Couric said “is that a plane getting ready to hit the other tower” and it did.  Everybody on that news broadcast was totally silent for a few seconds and then everything that happened after that was horrific.  The reality that it wasn't just an accident, that there were people doing this on purpose to innocent people hit me hard after that second plane hit. I remember calling my husband, who was at work and telling him what I had seen on the news and he didn’t really understand what I was telling him.  I wanted to leave and go get my kids out of school.  It was a scary day for all of us as Americans.   The aftermath of that day still lives with us.  I have a son that serves our United States Army and has been to Afghanistan fighting because of that day.  It affects us all in some way or another. 

Just this morning my husband and I were watching the news and they were showing the fighting in Benghazi and they showed one building that was just demolished from an explosion.  I asked my husband why in the world would they destroy their city like that and he said, this is what they are used to; they have been fighting like this for a long time.  First of all I can’t imagine walking down the street fighting my neighbor by blowing up his house, car, trying to kill and destroy whatever I could and I can’t imagine going around blowing up buildings of my town either.  Over what?  I am not sure I even totally understand what they are fighting over. 

So, as we remember those that lost their lives 12 years ago because of a senseless terrorist attack on our nation, remember their families today and remember those that have fought for our country both past and present.   We are proud of our soldier for serving his country and those that are serving with him! 

This is a day we will all remember and will be in the history books forevermore.  As the posts I have seen today have read….WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER, WE WILL NEVER FORGET.