Both individuals remain in Boone County Jail

CENTRALIA – At approximately 5 p.m., Tuesday the Centralia Police Department arrested Paul Alan Boles, 41, of Mexico and Holly Renee Blankenship, 32, of Fulton, after the two participated in an illegal drug sale, in Centralia. The two acted together to sell a fourth of gram of methamphetamine. They were arrested immediately after the transaction had concluded. The suspected methamphetamine seized as evidence in the case will be submitted to the Missouri State Highway Patrol laboratory for analysis.
Probable Cause statements submitted to the Boone County Prosecutors office for their consideration request Boles and Blankenship be charged with three felony charges; Class B Felony, Distribution of a Controlled Substance, with bond to be set; Class "C" Felony of Possession of a Controlled Substance and a Class "D" Felony of possession of Drug paraphernalia. The Class C and D felony charges carry a $4,500 bond each.
Both individuals were transported to the Boone County Jail where they will remain pending the filing of formal charges and a bond amount set by the Boone County Circuit Court.