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"Faith Pathways"
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By Antonio Prokup
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Oct. 8, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Art and explanation by Antonio Prokup
See the First in the Series, "Autism Pathways" HERE
Second in the Pathway Series
Do paths in your life always lead somewhere, or are there dead ends? Most paths in my life have been bumpy with life altering circumstances, but one path has always been clear to me: the path of faith. My paths, luckily, have always led me away from the evil found in this world. The very dark existence of evil has never been close to my heart. Why, you may ask, have I been able to avoid the temptation? Faith! Faith, (buttons), has led me to the gloriously golden side of life. When this God given faith was placed in the middle of my heart at birth, it eventually spread throughout. Some days the faith was strong and bright, but unfortunately there were days it almost disappeared. I found this path, toward God (keys) easier to follow when it led me to a place with walls in which the people inside shared the same bright, untainted faith. This faith will eventually lead me to a place where all people are perfect with no disabilities (spheres without holes) and I will be enveloped in the glow of my faith.

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