Council meets in regular session

The Mexico City Council passed three bills Monday evening in a meeting filled with discussion. Councilman Dan Botts was not in attendance.
The council deliberated on Bill No. 2013-69: A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Sign a Contract with Dotson & Gibbs, Inc. for Land Clearing of Sanitary Sewer Easements and Airport Property.
The resolution gives Bruce R. Slagle, City Manager, the authority to make a payment of up to $19,600 to Dotson & Gibbs, Inc., of New London, Mo. for their services in clearing brush and other obstructions from sanitary sewer easements and airport property. The clearing of overgrown bushes and trees from sanitary sewer easements is needed in several areas of the city and at the airport complex. The council, after discussion, resolved and passed the bill with a unanimous vote of all attending council members.
The council also resolved Bill No. 2013-70: A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter Into An Agreement with the Mexico Senior Nutrition Center to Assist in Providing Services for Senior Citizens. The bill gives $11,000 to the Mexico Senior Nutrition Center to help offset its operation costs.
The Mexico Senior Center announced it had served 54,247 meals to 718 different individuals during the last fiscal year, 562 in the center and 156 homebound. The council passed the bill with a unanimous vote of all attending council members.
Bill No. 2013-66: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 14, Article III, Division I, Section 14-59 (7) Prohibited Waste and Chapter 14, Article III, Division 4, Section 14-123 of the Mexico City Code Relating to the Sanitary Sewer Use Charges created the most discussion of the night as it dealt with an increase in sewer rates. Currently, the administrative charge is $7.42 per month and customers pay a variable portion rate of $5.17 per 1,000 gallons used. The bill increases the administrative charge to $8.16 per month and raises the variable portion rate to $5.69 per 1,000 gallons used.
Councilman Chris Williams offered his reluctance to increase the rates at this time citing tough economic times among Mexico residents. "While I can understand the need and reasoning behind such a rate increase, is it possible to give the people of Mexico a break?" Williams said. The final resolution was passed with three votes for and one against.
The council also held a preliminary discussion regarding a project relating to the acoustics at the Mexico Animal Shelter. The staff presented information regarding the high decibel level of noise generated within the shelter by the animals and proposed a plan to install noise dampening devices. The council discussed the matter briefly before postponing further discussion of the matter until next session.
Several Mexico community residents appeared before the council to ask for assistance with an issue or comment on a current issue facing the council.
A resident of the Mars Street neighborhood asked the council to consider the addition of curbs and sidewalks in the neighborhood to alleviate road problems.
Another concerned resident offered her support and voice that the council should amend the current city ordinance pertaining to the raising of chickens within the city limits.