JV football competes again Monday at Fulton

Bulldogs football beat the Kirksville Tigers 28-22 in a freshman/sophomore game Monday at Hawthorne Heights.
Brit Wilson scored Mexico's first touchdown on a one-yard run to put the Bulldogs up 8-0 after Wesley Oetting received a three-yard pass for the two-point conversion.
"The offense started off the game well and moved the ball pretty well (but) defense gave up big plays for scores," coach Alex Thull said. "Kirksville never really moved the ball that well against us, we just gave up too many big plays in the first half."
In the second quarter, Tanner Smith scored on a 24 yard reception and converted two points for the Bulldogs. Brit Wilson later had another touchdown run, this time for eight yards and Tanner Smith scored another touchdown on a 35 yard pass to end the first half.
Kirksville held the Bulldogs scoreless in the second half but the Bulldogs held on to the victory.
Junior varsity football next competes Monday at Fulton.