Program to be held in Emmons Auditorium at MHS

There will be 12 Mexico High School students on Emmons Auditorium stage this weekend for the annual school play. They will speak, and act and receive the applause of the audience. There are many other students, however, who won't be on stage, even though their contributions make the play possible: the spotlight, lighting, sound, costume and props crews.
"There are five dream sequences in "The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild" in which the characters become characters from classic Hollywood cinema," Sara Given, director, said. "For each dream sequence we have to utilize different lighting instruments and sound cues to create the dream concept for the audience."
The job of part of the backstage crew has been made easier by the recent purchase of 16 Ellipsoidal Spotlights for the balcony and two follow-spotlights. The light technicians are Emily Polacek and Brandon Oligschlaeger. The spotlight operator is Riley Given.
The sound technicians are Grace Troesser and Tex Alexander."We also will be renting four earset microphones," Given said. "And the Theatre Booster Club will be purchasing two more."
Finding the props for the play has been the job of a six-person crew:  Josh Cunningham, Chelsea McCord, Kayla Parrott, Lilly Rotte, Troesser and Katie Lauer.
"We have had to look for a lot of unusual props," McCord said. "We had to find an old kitchen table and chairs, a helmet hair dryer, and old movie posters, from Gone With the Wind and others."
The movie posters were the hardest to find, McCord said. "Sometimes we had to find small versions of the vintage posters and print them out in a larger size. We also borrowed records and magazines from the period."
The largest behind-the-scenes crew is that of students in charge of costumes and makeup:  Jenny Eisenhofer, Makenzie Hawkins, Alie Finch, McCord, Rotte, Walch, Kayla Parrott, Marisa Dennison and Caitlyn Mast. Catherine Quinlan will be the prosthetic artist.
The costumes were assembled from the existing costumes, Seconds to Go and from vintage clothing stores in Columbia. "Mildred (Sidny Groves) has lots of costume changes," McCord said. "She appears in a show girl dress and spandex and a leotard for a yoga scene, for example."
Given designed the set, and her Theatre Design class members, along with other students, constructed it. Special effects for the play have been designed by the 3D Construction and Design students of Ms. Alicia Pigg.
"The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild" is a three-act comedy. The shows are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the door for $10 for adults and $5 for (K-12) students.
While Given has directed many plays at MHS, this one she says is special. "I played Mildred Wild in the Belton High School production my senior year. It has always been a play I have wanted to direct," she said. "I have the perfect cast, the best crew and the amazing support of an outstanding Parent Booster Organization and the administration. This was the year to do it."
Cast list:  Sidny Groves, Mildred Wild; Noah Duncan, Roy Wild; Gabe Jones, The Invisible Man; Shannen Maxwell, Bertha Gale; Kristin Walch, Helen Wild; Dylan Goodman, Carroll Chatham; Maddie Martin, Sister Cecilia; Trevor Plummer, Mr. Manley; Austin Marks, Rex Bulby; James Clampitt, construction worker; Leon Brown, construction worker; and Angela Walch, ensemble member.