I haven't blogged in a week or two.  I have been so busy and just haven't had the time to sit down and think, much less try to put something to paper, or computer I guess I should say!

Veteran's Day was Monday.  This day always reminds me of my grandparents and their story.  My grandfather was in the Marines and then went on to the Army.  My grandmother enlisted after being laid off from her job in a shoe factory.  At the time during the war there were rations on food and supplies so she thought the best thing for her would be to enlist in the Army.  She was a nurse and while in the Army my grandfather came down with malaria and was admitted to the hospital where my grandmother worked.  This is how they met.  My grandmother told my mom that my grandfather used to get extra rations and he would give them to her to trade for stockings because if they had runs in their stockings they got demerits.  I can just see him being sweet on her and sharing his rations with her trying to impress her!  I remember my grandfather talking about his Army days.  There is a picture of him and two of his Army buddies that he used to show me all the time.  He was a member of the military police.  I don't remember my grandmother talking about her Army days very much.  They were married for 48 years when my grandfather passed away in 1995.  I miss them both very much.

This picture is one of my favorites.  It was taken in Columbia, SC when my grandfather was discharged from the Army.  I assume my grandmother had already been discharged, she is not in uniform.  Both my grandparents were tall.  My grandfather had a form of Lou Gehrig's disease that towards the end of his life took away his ability to walk and he couldn't stand straight.  My grandmother suffered from osteoporosis and grew shorter as she got older.  But in this picture, they are young, standing tall and beautiful, just starting their lives together, what I picture them being in Heaven!   

So even though times were hard back then and there was a war going on I am doubly thankful for their service, had they not been in the Army they wouldn't have met and I wouldn't be here today!  I think it's a sweet love story, part of my heritage and one that I wished I had learned more about when they were alive.  They both were very important in my raising and I am thankful for all those years I got to spend with them!