Audrain County Emergency Management and MPS to hold disaster preparedness program

In the case of a disaster, it pays to be prepared. Personal preparation and your neighbors' aid are likely to be your only support in the first hour of a disaster. So what can you (and your neighbors) do to be ready?
The Audrain County Emergency Management department and Mexico Public Safety are jointly hosting a free all-hazard preparedness and response program open to all residents of Audrain County. Those wanting to attend can choose between the 2-4 p.m. or the 6-8 p.m. sessions. The event will be held Monday, Dec. 9 in the Courthouse Community Room at 101 North Jefferson Street in Mexico. For more information or to register, please call (573)-473-5892.
Audrain County Emergency Management Director Steve Shaw urges county residents to get involved. "We want and need county residents to get involved," he said. "If people and their neighbors are prepared for a disaster, there is a better chance for survival and the recovery is quicker too."
The "Map Your Neighborhood" event offers several training sessions offering instruction on creating and implementing a neighborhood emergency crisis response plan. Participants learn how to perform the nine steps to follow after a disaster and the needed items to own for emergencies and disasters. One session is for those interested in possibly becoming "Map Your Neighborhood" trainers. Those attending both sessions will receive their own materials to loan for Neighbors' Meetings and to give orientations and other presentations.