Mexico plays Bowling Green Thursday

Mexico boys basketball opened the season by beating the Wellsville-Middletown Tigers Tuesday in the first found of the Montgomery County Invitational.
The Bulldogs led 16-11 at the end of the first quarter and extended their lead 31-17 heading into halftime. The Bulldogs sealed the win a 23 point third quarter before scoring 13 in the fourth to win 67-35.
The Bulldogs advance to the tournament semi-finals with the victory, facing the Bowling Green Bobcats Thursday in Montgomery City.
Cole Jaramillo was the Bulldogs' leading scorer, netting 32 points for the Bulldogs while stealing the ball six times.
D'Milo Nunnelly had 13 points, six rebounds, two assists, three steals and four blocks. Wesley Oetting added seven points and thirteen rebounds and Skylar Harrington had five points, ten rebounds and 11 assists.
Jake Landreth, James Norton, Brady Jacobi and Sam Lee also contributed to the Bulldogs' win. Landreth had six points and two rebounds, Norton had four points, three rebounds and two assists, Jacobi had six rebounds, four assists and two steals and Lee had one rebound and one assist.