Council members discuss two resolutions

The Mexico City Council met Dec 9 at 7 p.m. to discuss two resolutions and four matters of other business.
Bill No. 2013-85 authorizes the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce to assist in providing tourism activities for the City of Mexico. This resolution allows the city manager to enter into an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce, in which $13,000 would be contributed to the Chamber for use in the cost of tourism activities listed in the agreement.
These activities include the production of Mexico maps and brochures, tours, souvenirs, special events, regional marketing and the operation of a toll free telephone number to organize special events and accept tourism information calls. A representative of the Chamber will also serve as a liaison with the State Department of Tourism.
This resolution was unanimously authorized by the council.
The council also unanimously authorized Bill No. 2013-84, allowing the renewal of a sublease of business property with Home Depot U.S.A. Inc. The original sublease was for the Home Decorators building for an initial one year term with an option for two additional six-month periods for a monthly rental fee of $12,500. A rental payment increase of two percent is added for the additional lease periods.
Home Depot U.S.A. expressed an interest in continuing to rent the city owned industrial building for an additional one year term at the current rental fee. The building will continue to be used to operate as part of their distribution facilities in Mexico.
In other business, the Mexico City Council unanimously authorized the purchase of a Cellebright Universal Forensic Extraction Device for the Department of Public Safety at $10,584 for the UFED Touch Ultimate. This device would allow Mexico Public Safety to retrieve information from cellular phones, tablets and other mobile devices, including passwords and deleted information. It can even tap into foursquare accounts and other apps.
Police Chief Susan Rockett urged the council to approve this purchase, saying it could be used to gain incriminating information in the event that a subpoena is ordered against a cell phone or other mobile device. She estimates that the device will be used dozens of times in a year.
Mexico Public Safety has borrowed similar devices in the past from other departments for similar uses. The yearly cost of software updates was troubling to some on the council, but Chief Rockett ensured that the constantly evolving technological world would make the updates a worthwhile investment. She hopes that the device will be in use for the next five years.
The purchase of a wastewater liquid biosolids truck for the Wastewater Treatment Department was unanimously authorized. Bids for the provision of one Liquid Biosolid Spreader Truck were accepted by the city until 3 p.m. Dec 2. Ultimately, a 2015 International Workstar chassis with a Crump Truck & Trailer tank and appurtenances was accepted from Diamond International of Springfield, MO, at the price of $136,477.36. The truck will replace the previous two in transporting waste from the treatment facility to surface spread in nearby fields and pastures. The previous trucks were traded in at $2,500 and $3,500.
Permission was granted to sell by public auction, bid, open market, recycle or like service, surplus property belonging to the City of Mexico and unclaimed and abandoned property in accordance with the City of Mexico Purchasing Policy and Section 10-42 or the Mexico City Code.
The property includes 37 bicycles in various conditions, one Louisville 1975 Ford 8000 6x4, one 1975 Ford F-350 4x2 with 12' flatbed, one Heil 10 ft. truck bed, model SL7YD10 and one 1996 Ford F350 4x2 dump truck. Some of the bicycles have been stored by the city since the last auction in 2012. Some of the vehicles are not fit for the road. It is hoped that the bikes will be sold as a lot. A motion to declare the property abandoned and open for sale was unanimously authorized.
Lastly, a motion to change the Dec 23, 2013 meeting time was passed. The next meeting will now be held Dec 19, at 4 p.m.
During the closing comments portion of the meeting kudos were granted to the cast of the local play, "Oliver."
A reminder was given to visit the Living Windows, Thursday from 6-8 p.m. in downtown Mexico.
City employee, Dolly Jesse, was congratulated on being named The United Ways first Volunteer of the Year.
Pedestrian safety on Hendricks street was discussed. The council urges pedestrians to wear reflective clothing when walking, biking, etc. after dark.