Event is Thursday evening

Students, family members and teachers at McMillan Elementary School will be celebrating "Christmas Around the World" from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 12. There will be activities, supper, goodie bags and an art show.
"We are planning a very exciting night," Principal Rebecca Moppin said. "Our event will be a great combination of literature and the arts, so it's sure to be a fun night."
Upon arrival, each family will be given a passport which lists their travel destinations for the evening. The first event, for everyone, will be a skit by first graders entitled "Christmas Around the World," presented in the gymnasium.
Then each grade will have four destinations to visit during the evening. One of the destinations is supper, followed by visits to two "countries" and to the art displays.
"Each destination lasts for 20 minutes," Janet McBride, Title One teacher and one of the coordinators of the evening, said. "While visiting each country, students and their families will listen to a story describing the country's Christmas traditions."
Students will make and take a bag of goodies that compliment the stories. "It is our desire to expand the students' knowledge and awareness of how Christmas is celebrated around the world," McBride said.
The art display will exhibit the children's exploration of diversity in art. "McMillan artists have been working on ceramic pieces, studying the Arctic and the animals there, then building them with clay," art teacher Laura Haynes said. "It should look pretty awesome."
Art students also have been watching Kid President videos, and then created works of art to show how they will be making the world a better place. The art will be in the gym and along the main hallway.
Children also will receive a travel bag, filled with crafts, literacy activities, books and snacks.