We love the Griswold’s.  My friend found this ornament for me from National Lampoon’s Vacation, it’s the wagon queen family truckster, complete with Aunt Edna on the roof and it plays “Holiday Road”.  Christmas is not Christmas unless I have watched National Lampoon’s Christmas at least once!  We have been quoting Clark and Eddie at my house for years.  We also watch “A Christmas Story”, one of my favorites.  “You’ll shoot your eye out, you’ll shoot your eye out!”  And you can’t forget the Hallmark channel at Christmas time.  I get sucked in to those every year, sitting and watching and ignoring the fact that I have things to do! 

I finished my Christmas shopping today.  Well almost all of it…I still have a few things to go but almost done.  Now on to baking over the next week for the neighbors.  The snow was pretty and still stuck to everything.  Christmas will be here shortly and I am looking forward to spending time with my family. 

I wish everyone safe shopping travels if you are still shopping!   And in the words of Clark Griswold, I wish you a hap, hap happy Christmas!