Students organize recycling program for Mexico High School community

Students in Bridget Bingham's Job Performance class serve as the recycling crew for Mexico High School. The students collect paper daily, and also perform other tasks in service to the school.
The students recycle paper from one floor of the school each day. They also deliver mail for the office, and help clean windows and disinfect door knobs and other areas.
"The students learn to get along with each other and work as a team," Bingham said. "What we teach them to do here at MHS might give them a leg up in working at the Handi-Shop or a similar facility."
The projects also give students a chance to interact with other students and teachers in the building."The students enjoy the work," Bingham said. "They like when the other students wave at them and teach them things like how to say 'hi' in Spanish as they go on their rounds."
Members of the class who participate in the projects include Kelsay Hobbs, Katie Lauer, Trevor Kamrowski and James Meek.
"I am proud of our students in this program for their level of motivation and willingness to contribute positively to our MHS community through the recycling program and basic maintenance in our building; they also have planted mums each year at the main entrance," Principal Terry Robinson said. "Mrs. Bingham motivates her students to develop work skills as well as the positive demeanor necessary to be in a job setting. Her students are a notable part of the positive, inclusive culture of learning we are building at MHS."
The students also do some tasks for teachers, including shredding documents and copying some tests and handouts.
"The students get into a routine, and they do so much better," Bingham said. "Hands-on learning works really well for the students and they enjoy the experience."