Sentencing will take place Feb. 6

Former Mexico attorney James Clampitt, 42, was found guilty of fraud by a Chariton County judge Dec. 17. Sentencing will take place Feb. 6.
According to court documents, Clampitt was charged for having fraudulently caused or otherwise authorized a credit card belonging to the law firm, Brett, Erdel, Owings and Clampitt, P.C. to purchase several assets used to set up a competing law practice in Mexico.
Clampitt was serving as "firm manager" for the law firm and was given access to the firm's charge cards and checking account. He was reportedly responsible for the firm's day-to-day administrative and financial tasks.
Clampitt left the now Brett, Erdel and Owings Law Firm at the end of July, 2010.
Chief Justice Richard B. Teitelman disbarred Clampitt in May for professional misconduct.
Clampitt is currently serving an unrelated sentence in the Missouri Department of Corrections.