Matt Bates said that his cousin, Bobby Majors, was at his house Friday afternoon, and said he was hungry. “I said ‘take my truck and get something to eat.’ He was supposed to be getting cheeseburgers,” Bates said.
The next thing Bates knew, his 2013 Ford F250 Platinum series pickup truck was on its roof on Stardust Drive, and his cousin was in police custody.
Multiple vehicles were involved along a stretch of Stardust between the Munger Lane intersection to the west, and east nearly to the road’s intersection with U.S. 61.
The most serious collision involved a Chevy Blazer with Illinois license plates. Eye witnesses told the Courier-Post that there were three people in the Blazer at the time of the crash. One was air-lifted from the scene, and the other two were taken by ambulance for medical treatment.
Cassie McLaughlin of New London, a passenger in a white SUV parked along the north side of the Aldi’s parking lot, saw the acccident.
“I heard a boom, boom, boom and a black truck flew in the air and hit us. Our car was on fire. We got out and ran away. I looked back and saw a mess,” she said.
After clipping an OATS bus,  hitting three or four parked vehicles, and veering off an Aldi’s sign, McLaughlin said that the black truck hit the black Blazer, which had three occupants.
“I saw the Blazer rolling; its whole front was mangled in,” she said.
The parked white SUV is owned by Andrea See, who was in the driver’s seat.  Her daughter, Miya, was in the back seat. They did not suffer from any noticable injuries.
A black SUV, owned by Joyce McArthur, was parked just to the west of See’s vehicle. She was leaving Aldi’s when the accident occurred. “I came out and started to walk to the car and saw what had happened,” she said.
Pat Blackwell of Hannibal arrived at the scene of the accident shortly after it happened.  She prayed over the injured victims until emergency crews arrived.
She said that the driver of the F250 truck climbed out and started to walk away from the scene.
“He got out, started talking on a cell phone and walked toward Taco Bell,” Blackwell said.
She said that officers stopped him, and later took him from the scene in a patrol car.