Audrain County Warming Centers open to those in need

Audrain County Warming
Centers open to those in need

The Audrain County Health Department and the Mexico Senior Center will be available to Audrain County's residents in need as Warming Centers for the coming cold weather.
A warming center is defined by the Audrain County Health Department as " a short-term emergency location that operates when temperatures or a combination of precipitation, wind chill, wind and temperature become dangerously inclement."
A Warming Center is the short-term version of a Warming Shelter, which is meant to be a long-term protection.
Any persons in need of warm shelter are welcome at the centers, whether displaced, homeless or without adequately heated housing.
The Audrain County Health Department is located at 1130 South Elmwood Drive and the Mexico Senior Center is located at 606 East Park Street.
Audrain County Emergency Management Director Steve Shaw is hoping that more Audrain County businesses, churches, etc. will be willing to open their doors to those in need. "We would like to encourage those (with the means to do so) to consider becoming a Warming Center. Locations can set their own parameters, such as the amount of time offered as a Warming Center and what might be made available, like restrooms, water or other things."
The need for additional centers is made all the more crucial by the Health Department and Senior Center only being available during business hours and not at night, when temperatures are lowest.
Though the low tonight is expected to be 24 degrees, by Monday temperatures are only expected to reach a high of -2, with a low of -8. This puts people without adequate heated housing in grave danger of hypothermia, frost bite, and other cold weather caused concerns.
"There are surely enough people who should consider being a Warming Center to help everyone in need," said Shaw. "This is the coldest weather we've had in twenty years after all."