On Saturday, Racine Christian Church will host the annual Harvest of the Hunt Sportsman’s Dinner.

Doors to the church opens at 4:30 p.m., dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. The event, which will also feature a guest speaker, door prizes and raffles, is open to the public.

“I think that the church has done this for eight years in a row,” said John Broom, organizer of the event. “It is free to the public. There are raffle tickets, we are giving away a 22-250 (gun), those tickets are $1 apiece or 6 for $5, they will be available at the door. We are also giving away some door prizes, the adults door prizes are going to be fishing gear this year: rods and reels and stuff like that. The door prize for 12-18 year olds is a Rossi 20-gauge and 50-caliber interchangeable barrel gun, so that we can get them into both bird hunting and stuff like that and into black powder hunting. And then the door prize for kids 6-12 is a single shot 22.”

Broom said the event had three focuses.

“The main focus of the event is just to spend time as hunters and fishermen with folks that also hunt and fish,” he said. “The second is to introduce people who are unfamiliar with the outdoor sports of hunting and fishing to the sport and to the harvest of the hunt.  The third thing of course is to share Jesus with folks.”

As far as what the attendees will be eating, Broom said it will be potluck dinner.

“We will have buffalo burgers, venison dishes, probably some wild turkey stuff, fish, who knows what we are going to have,” he said. “It is sort of a potluck on the part of some of the people in the church who bring in their harvest of the hunt. Folks from within the church will bring wild game dishes, it will be samplers, so you will get a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

Mark Rose will be the guest speaker.

“He is a bass fisherman, we have had hunters for the past couple of years, so we decided that it was a good idea to bring in a fisher person,” Broom said. “ (His speech) is going to be aimed at bass fishing.”

For more information, please call Broom at 451-0359.