McMillan students receive books for their home libraries

All 244 students at McMillan Elementary School will receive a draw-string bag and at least two age-appropriate books to keep, thanks to a grant awarded to Principal Rebecca Moppin.
The Local Giving Grant, from Walmart in the amount of $1,000, will help launch the 'Book-N-Bag' program at McMillan.
"We've discovered that while we push reading at school, many of our students do not have accessibility to appropriate reading material at home to continue their learning," Moppin said. "We are implementing this program to help build libraries at home."
Each child will receive a bag that says "McMillan Elementary: Read Like a Bulldog." In those bags, teachers will choose two books for each student, from a list of 500 books available.
"We hope to add to the number of books through additional local support and other grants," Moppin said. "Our goal is that by the time students leave McMillan we will have given them a head start at building their own reading libraries at home."
Moppin believes a home library has many benefits. "As adults, many of us still have books read to us as a child," she said. "That's what we are hoping to provide our students through this program.
Moppin also thinks the book ownership will have other benefits. "By providing books for our students we are instilling responsibility and a sense of ownership as well as encouraging continued reading outside the school day," she said. "Research shows continuous reading is required to increase fluency, accuracy and comprehension required for the incredible success we want for our students in the future."
The program also encourages parental involvement. "Reading with parents/guardians is a huge element in creating lifelong readers," Moppin said. "There is a special thing that happens when a student reads to you using strategies they have learned."