Vehicle will be used to transport donated items

The Help Center purchased a new 2013 GMC truck with funds received from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Grant. The truck will be used to transport donated items, such as food from food drives, to collect products donated from the local Walmart store for distribution each week and for other transportation needs.
Members of the Help Center Board of Directors and dignitaries gathered yesterday to receive the truck from the USDA.
"We are honored that the USDA selected us," Gary Jones, Help Center director, said. "We haven't been successful before in being awarded a grant from the USDA, so we are humbled to receive this grant. They saw a great need, and have been able to help us with that need."
The grant application, in the amount of $21,865, began when former Help Center Board of Directors President John Dial heard of the opportunity while attending a presentation about funding available from the USDA.
A plaque commemorating the donation was presented by Tim Rickabaugh, assistant to the state USDA director. "Congratulations on receiving this grant," he said. "Sometimes they are hard to come by. This grant was made possible as part of the 36.9 million in federal tax money rural development brings back to Audrain County."
Following solicitation of bids, Pearl Motor Company of Mexico was selected to provide the truck.