Young girl healing beyond expectations

It has been almost three months since a head-on collision on County Road 820 left 8-year-old Taylor Carr with C1 and C2 fractured vertebrae, three inches of her spinal cord stretched and severely bruised, nine hemorrhages, shearing in the brain, multiple liver lacerations and lung contusions.
Her mother, Mary Jo Carr, said that she has healed "beyond what was expected as well as faster than expected. We expect that she will continue to beat the odds and continue to improve every day with time and therapy."
Taylor attends daily therapy in Columbia at Mizzou Children's Therapy. She is walking and only requires a neck brace for support when in public.
Mary Jo said the community of Mexico and the surrounding area has been beyond supportive of Taylor. "She gets mail from different states and as far away as Denmark. We are beyond grateful for all the love and support we have received."
The Carr family was the second to stay in the new Ronald McDonald House in Columbia and they have recently been asked to be the feature family for their annual gala.
Taylor was previously inspired to start collecting aluminum can tabs for the Ronald McDonald house by her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Megan Schutte. "It was a heartwarming feeling to see what these tabs meant and how important they were once we had to stay there for a month," Mary Jo said.
Besides Tabs for Taylor, other fundraisers such as the pink heart bracelets, pink heart decals, t-shirts, koozie cups, yard signs, a Pam's Puppies dog donation, and an official benefit at the Mexico 4-H Center, in which Taylor made a surprise appearance, have been held to aid in her recovery.
During a recent visit to her school, students and teachers lined the halls and cheered for Taylor as she walked to her classroom. "Amy Auwater, the counselor, and her teacher, Susan Ransom, have been amazing at keeping the kids involved in Taylor's recovery and keeping Taylor involved in the daily activities at school," Mary Jo said.
Throughout this experience, Taylor has learned to be humble and grateful to everyone who has been there for her. Her recovery theme song has become Katy Perry's "Roar." She is inspired by the lyrics "I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire, cause I am a champion and you're going to hear me roar."
Taylor would like to tell her supporters "thank you to everyone that has helped and thought of me." She hopes to grow up to be an allergy and ENT physician and her mother believes that she will accomplish everything she has set her heart to do. Mary Jo said, "Taylor is a very goal orientated, driven kid. I think that being who she is and the fact that we are a very close family, where she knows how much she is loved, are reasons she survived and is doing so well."