When Shane Viers of the Atlanta area checked one of his traps Saturday, he had more than he bargained for.

"The bobcat was quite a surprise," laughed Viers. "I knew it was a big one when I saw it, but I had no idea it was a state record."

According to Viers, originally he was going to attempt to sell the bobcat, but after showing off pictures of the big cat, some of his coworkers thought he should get it weighed.

"I took it down to Columbia Tuesday to get it weighed on a certified scale," said Viers. "And it was confirmed as a state record."

The bobcat weighed 36 pounds. The old record, as stated on the MDC website for a female bobcat, was 31.8 pounds.

Instead of selling the bobcat, Viers now plans on getting the bobcat mounted.

"It was quite a surprise," said Viers. "I definitely didn't expect it to be that big