MHS seniors honored at assembly

Staff Writer
Mexico graduating seniors were awarded more than $712,997  in scholarships today during the annual Mexico High School Awards Ceremony. Each of the following students received the $4,740 A+ Scholarship: Brooke Atkinson, Mikayla Beasley, Brittany Bellamy, Austin Bise, Alexis Brooks, Anthony Brower, Thorne Cheney, Breanna Durrett, Tyler Gibbons, Mayson Gotcher, Ben Graves, Haden Hobbs, Bryce Hopkins, Logan Hultz, Cheyenne Hunt, Kaitlin Ingrum, Kelli Ingrum, Courtney Inlow, Kaleigh Jahn, Gavin Jones, Haley Landreth, Jacob Lauer, Holly Lewis, Johnna Logue, Shelby Love, Kevin Maddox, Aron Manns, Gabriel Marley, Hailey McHatton, Melissa Mitchell, Michael Newman, Austin Oetting, Asia Reno, Emilee Rodenbaugh, Annabelle Strunk, Kiersten Vestal, Tyler Warmbrodt and Madison White.
Students qualifying for an A+ Scholarship but not accepting it were Morgan Allen, Marissa Bradford, Jami Brandow, Ethan Campbell, Macy Carmean, Colin Cosby, Jesse Craft, Mary Davis, Sierra Forsee, Jacob Fuemmeler, Remington Greenwell, Andrew Groves, Zori Holman, Jacob Johnston, Rachael Kerr, Austin Logerman, Chelsea McCord, Frank Nickoley, Melanie Palmer, Christopher Peak, Nutcha Pongsuea, Danielle Powell, Madeline Prince, Layne Ray, Carrie Roberts, Edgardo Santiago, Alex Shaw, Victoria Shaw, DayNeisha Shivers, Kaylee Stone, Brooke Tessman, Nandita Thapar, Kristin Walch, Kirby Weber and Ashlie Woodruff.
Chelsea McCord and Nutcha Pongsuea each received a $500 A+ Recognition Scholarship from Truman State University. Kirby Weber received a $1,000 A+ Achievement Scholarship from Webster University. Jami Brandow received a $1,200 A+ Acknowledgement from William Woods University. Jesse Craft received a $1,000 A+ Leadership Scholarship from Missouri Southern State University. Marissa Bradford received a $1,000 A+ Recognition Scholarship from William Woods University. Destiny Wasson received a $1,500 A+ Recognition Scholarship from Culver-Stockton College.
Marissa Bradford was awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship from William Woods University in the amount of $1,000; Andrew Groves was awarded the $150 Adams Family Scholarship; Nandita Thapar received the $7,500 Allen P. and Josephine B. Green Foundation Scholarship; Shannen Maxwell was awarded the Alan Woods Memorial Scholarship for $243.43; Austin Bise was awarded the American Red Cross Scholarship for $250.
Bradley Hutchinson received an Army ROTC Scholarship from the University of Missouri for $9,430; Kaitlyn Brashear was awarded $1,000 for the Audrain County Law and Fire Protection Scholarship. The Audrain County Cattleman's Association Scholarship was awarded to Rachael Kerr for $1,000, Cheyenne Hunt for $750, and Ashli Maduena for $250. Remington Greenwell, Courtney Inlow and Bailey Reed were awarded the $500 Audrain Medical Center/Fern Braden Scholarship; the $1,000 Ben Brown Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kamden Ekern, Andrew Groves and Kiersten Vestal.
Zori Holman was the recipient of the $5,000 Berneice Deloney Gallop Athletic Scholarship; Cheyenne Hunt received the Bill and June Baker Memorial Scholarship for $500; Jacob Fuemmeler and Kaylee Stone were awarded the Board of Governors Scholarship from Missouri State University for $5,000; Zori Holman was the recipient of the $200 Bob Gooch Scholarship and Madeleine Prince received a $5,000 Brigham Young University Scholarship.
Samuel Fayad and Alex Shaw both received a $2,500 Bright Flight Scholarship, Victoria Shaw and Nandita Thapar received $2,000 for Bright Flight; Aanye' Smith, Kiersten Vestal, Kristin Walch were awarded the $500 Brookstone Scholarship; Jesse Craft received the Buelah Roth Scholarship for $500 and Layne Ray was the recipient of the $500 Bulldog Golf Classic Scholarship. Zori Holman and Bryce Hopkins both received the Carl and Charolette Hirst Scholarship for $2,500; Tyler Warmbrodt was awarded the $500 Cary D. Haynes Memorial Scholarship; Taylor Cunningham received $9,430 from the Department of Veterans Affairs; Jami Brandow was awarded the Charles Cockelreas Scholarship for $4,383.42; Truman State University awarded Leigha Lierheimer a $2,000 Combined Ability scholarship, $1,000 President's Honorary scholarship and $750 Truman scholarship; Chelsea McCord received $2,500 from Truman State University for the Combined Ability Scholarship and Cheyenne Hunt and Ashlie Woodruff both received the Commerce Bank Scholarship in the amount of $500; Jacob Lauer received the $500 Cora Darrah scholarship.
The Roy Creasey Scholarship was awarded in the amount of $1,000 to the following students: Marissa Bradford, Kaitlyn Brashear, Colin Cosby, Breanna Durrett, Samuel Fayad, Jacob Fuemmeler, Remington Greenwell, Zori Holman, Bryce Hopkins, Cheyenne Hunt, Holly Lewis, Leigha Lierheimer, Ashli Maduena, Chelsea McCord, Michael Newman, Vincent Newman, Nutcha Pongsuea, Danielle Powell, Mason Proctor, Alex Shaw, Victoria Shaw, DayNeisha Shivers, Kaylee Stone, Nandita Thapar, Kirby Weber, Madison White and Ashlie Woodruff; Jami Brandow received a $17,500 cross-country/track Scholarship from William Woods University; Alex Shaw was awarded the $3,500 Curator's Scholarship from Missouri University of Science and Technology; Gavin Jones received $1,000 and Victoria Shaw and Ashlie Woodruff $500 each for the Damon Lee Owen Memorial Baseball/Softball Scholarship.
Samuel Fayad received the $1,000 Darriel Douglas Memorial Scholarship; Allek Adams received the $234.44 David A. and Florence (Kable) Meyer Vocational Scholarship; Mason Proctor was awarded the $1,300 Denver M. Hudson Memorial Scholarship; Kaitlyn Brashear received $500 for the Dorothy Poikert Memorial MSSDAR Scholarship; Victoria Shaw was awarded $100 for the Doug Arnold Memorial Scholarship; Emilee Rodenbaugh received $500 for the Doug Rainey Conservation Scholarship; Aanye' Smith received the Dr. C.E. Richards Memorial Scholarship for $500 and Rachael Kerr received $1,000 for the Dr. H. Peter Ekern Memorial Scholarship.
Shannen Maxwell and Alex Shaw received the Elks Club Local Scholarship for $1,500, Maxwell also received the Elks District Scholarship for $1,000 and Victoria Shaw received the Elks Second Place Scholarship for $500; Keagan Riddick was awarded an Emporia State University Academic/Athletic Scholarship for $1,900; Jacob Lauer and Nandita Thapar received the $200 Eugene Field Elementary School Popcorn Mania Scholarship; Layne Ray was awarded the Eunice DesCombes scholarship in the amount of $500; Alex Shaw received the Missouri S&T Excellence Scholarship for $1,500; Leigha Lierheimer received the Farmers and Laborers Co-Op Insurance Association Scholarship for $1,000; Zori Holman was awarded the $1,000 First Baptist Church Scholarship; Jami Brandow received the First Christian Church Scholarship for $285; Parker Qualls and Keagan Riddick each received a $500 scholarship from First National Bank of Audrain County; Samuel Fayad and Nandita Thapar each received the Frances Elvira Jenicek Scholarship for $1,230.
Cheyenne Hunt was awarded $95.43 for the G.H. Dudley Scholarship; Kelli Ingrum received the Gary Filbert Memorial Scholarship for $500; DayNeisha Shivers and Aanye' Smith both received the George and Telitha Harvey Scholarship for $1,000; Bryce Hopkins, Jacob Lauer, Johna Logue and Annabelle Strunk all received the George Irion Memorial Scholarship for $500; Layne Ray received a $500 golf scholarship from Culver-Stockton College; The Griffin Family Scholarship for $2,800 was awarded to Thorne Cheney, James Clampitt, Melody Farris, Cheyenne Hunt, Leigha Lierheimer, Chelsea McCord, Frank Nickoley, Nutcha Pongsuea, Madeleine Prince, Alex Shaw and Kaylee Stone; Leigha Lierheimer received the $1,000 Hardin Club Scholarship; Kirby Weber was awarded the Harris Family Memorial Scholarship for $150; Layne Ray received the Harry L. and Trudy Thompson Scholarship for $1,320.77; Madeleine Prince received the $500 Haley-Jane Elizabeth Graham Memorial Scholarship.
Andrew Groves and Shannen Maxwell received the Heart of Missouri Board of Realtors Scholarship for $500 each; Jami Brandow was awarded the Heather Brandow Memorial Scholarship for $1,000; Cheyenne Hunt received the Helen and Walter Peterson Memorial Scholarship for $1,000; Nandita Thapar and Kaitlyn Brashear each received the Henry A. Jubel Memorial Scholarship for $1,500; Macy Carmean, Laine Chedwick, Layne Ray, Brooke Tessman, Kristin Walch and Destiny Wasson each received the Culver-Stockton Hilltop Scholarship for $7,000; Madison White was awarded $150 and Kiersten Vestal $500 for the Jared Selsor Memorial Scholarship; Samuel Fayad was the recipient of the $600 Jerry L. Watkins Scholarship; Kristin Walch was awarded the $300 John and Susie Willer Scholarship and Nandita Thapar received the John T. Belcher Memorial Scholarship for $250.
Layne Ray was awarded the Kennette Hatfield Spirit Scholarship for $500; Kamden Ekern, Samuel Fayad, Shannen Maxwell, Madeleine Prince, Alex Shaw and Nandita Thapar were the recipients of the $100 Key Club Scholarship; Jacob Fuemmeler, Christian McKeown and Emilee Rodenbaugh each received the Knights of Columbus Scholarship for $500; Samuel Fayad received the L. Buford Thomas Scholarship for $400; Cheyenne Hunt was awarded the L.B. Hawthorne Scholarship for $1,000; Marissa Bradford received $5,000 and Jami Brandow received $1,500 from William Woods University for the LEAD Award; Lindenwood University awarded Zori Holman a $4,000 academic scholarship and a $13,705 athletic scholarship, an $11,945 athletic scholarship to Ashlie Woodruff, and a $9,000 wrestling scholarship to John Lummis; Anthony Brower was the recipient of a Linn State Technical College tuition scholarship for $1,000; Ashli Maduena was awarded the Live for Dan Scholarship for $500; Alexis Brooks received the Local 86821 college scholarship- IUE-CWA for $500; Austin Arnold received the $1,000 Lockewood Baptist Church scholarship.
DayNeisha Shivers received the Madelyn Clark Memorial Nursing Scholarship for $1,000; Kamden Ekern received the Marvin L. McCowan Memorial Scholarship for $500; Cheyenne Hunt received the Mary Davis Powell Scholarship for $2,500; Gavin Jones received a $2,360 McHenry County College baseball scholarship; James Clampitt recived the Melissa J. den Hartog Memorial Scholarship for $200; Nandita Thapar received the Mesmer Scholarship from Washington University in St. Louis for $18,250; Jacob Lauer received the Mexico Area Family YMCA Youth in Government Scholarship for $250; The $500 Mexico Bulldog Booster Club Scholarship was awarded to Jami Brandow, Kaitlyn Brashear, Macy Carmean, Thorne Cheney, Colin Cosby, Kamden Ekern, Samuel Fayad, Jacob Fuemmeler, Remington Greenwell, Kaitlin Ingrum, Kelli Ingrum, Gabriel Marley, Frank Nickoley, Austin Oetting, Layne Ray, Keagan Riddick, Alex Shaw and Ashlie Woodruff.
Madison White received the Mexico Community Foundation Scholarship for $300; The Mexico Community Teachers Association Scholarship for $500 was awarded to Kaylee Stone, Layne Ray, Cheyenne Hunt and Shelby Love; Christian McKeown and Nandita Thapar received $500 each for the Mexico Dixie Gray Band Parents Scholarship; The Mexico Heating Company presented three $1,000 scholarships honoring Vince Fuemmeler to Jacob Fuemmeler, Gabriel Marley and Victoria Shaw; The Mexico High School Class of 1933 awarded Nutcha Pongsuea a $500 scholarship; the Mexico High School Class of 1950 awarded Jacob Lauer $500; the Mexico High School Class of 1954 awarded Aanye' Smith $500; Kaitlyn Brashear was the recipient of the Mexico High Class of 1962 Scholarship for $500; Tyler Warmbrodt received the Mexico High School Class of 1965 Scholarship for $200; Chelsea McCord received the Mexico High School Class of 2000 Scholarship for $100; Jacob Lauer received the Mexico High School Class of 2001 Scholarship for $300.
DayNeisha Shivers was awarded the Mexico Jaycees Scholarship for $500; Kamden Ekern and Shannen Maxwell both received the Mexico Kiwanis Club Scholarship for $1,500; Bryce Hopkins and Layne Ray both received the Mexico Optimist Scholarship for $500; The Mexico Rotary Club Scholarship was awarded to Kamden Ekern and Madison White for $2,000 each and Jacob Fuemmeler and Victoria Shaw for $500 each; Anthony Brower received $250 for the Mexico Wrestling Club Scholarship in Memory of Harold Barnett; the $500 Mexico Young Farmers Scholarship was awarded to Allek Adams, Anthony Brower, Rachael Kerr and Michael Newman.
Rachael Kerr was the recipient of the MFA Foundation Scholarship for $2,000; The $2,000 Missouri S&T Miner Alumni Scholarship was awarded to Samuel Fayad and Alex Shaw; Aanye' Smith received the Miss Missouri Excellence Scholarship for $500; The Missouri Heart Institute Foundation Scholarship was awarded to Holly Lewis for $1,000; Kamden Ekern received $12,500 from Kansas State University for Missouri Reciprocal Tuition; The Missouri Sheriffs Association John Dennis Scholarship was awarded to Kaitlyn Brashear for $1,000; Kaitlyn Brashear received the the Missouri State Dean's Scholarship for $1,500; Peyton Turner received a $9,000 Football Scholarship from Missouri Valley College; Andrew Groves received the $750 Missouri Welding Institute Excellence Scholarship; Rachael Kerr received the $2,000 Mizzou Excellence Award; The Moberly Area Community College Superintendent's Scholarship was awarded to Jacob Lauer, Gabriel Marley and Annabelle Strunk for $600;  Austin Arnold received the University of Missouri-Columbia Robert J. Trulaske Sr. Scholarship for $9,500.
Dayneisha Shivers was awarded the P.E.O. Star Scholarship for $2,500; Kamden Ekern and Christian McKeown received the Paul Friedberg Memorial Scholarship for $200; James Clampitt received the Preaching Festival Scholarship from Ozark Christian College for $2,000; The Truman State University President's Honorary Scholarship was awarded to Vincent Newman for $1,200 and Chelsea McCord for $800; Nutcha Pongsuea received a $1,500 President Scholarship from Truman State University; Colin Cosby received a $9,000 President's Scholarhip from Culver-Stockton College; the University of Central Missouri Red and Black Scholarship was awarded to Remington Greenwell for $2,000.
The Southeast Missouri State University Residence Life Leadership Award was awarded to Matthew Pursley for $1,000; Victoria Shaw received a $2,000 Residential Scholarship from Drury University; Alexis Brooks, Andrew Groves and Cheyenne Hunt received the Robert M. White II Scholarship for $303.22; Christian McKeown received the Ron Whittaker Track Alumni Scholarship for $500; Ashli Maduena was awarded an ROTC Scholarship from the University of Missouri for $9,430; the Robert R. Collins First Presbyterian Church Scholarships were awarded to Kamden Ekern, Layne Ray and Kirby Webere.
Samuel Fayad received the Sean Lamberson Memorial Wrestling Scholarship for $100; The $500 Show Me Credit Union Scholarship was awarded to Layne Ray and Thorne Cheney; Colin Cosby received a $4,250 soccer scholarship from Culver-Stockton College; the $2,000 Stella Mae Smith Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Zori Holman and Vincent Newman; Haley Landreth and Annabelle Strunk received the $750 Tanna Parish Memorial Scholarship; Haley Landreth received the $250 Team for Life Scholarship; Destiny Wasson was awarded a theater scholarship from Culver-Stockton College for $5,000; Chelsea McCord received the Thomas Badaracco Scholarship for $200; Laine Chedwick received a $7,000 track scholarship from Culver-Stockton College; The Troy Kysar Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Aanye' Smith and Kristin Walch for $250; Victoria Shaw received a $500 Trustee Scholars Day Award and a $19,000 Trustee Scholarship from Drury University; Samuel Fayad was awarded a $4,000 Trustees Scholarship from Missouri S&T University and James Clampitt received a $650 Trustees Scholarship from Ozark Christian College.
The United Credit Union Scholarship for $500 was awarded to Morgan Allen, Remington Greenwell, Holly Lewis and Dayneisha Shivers; Lorin Rayl received a $2,000 University Scholarship from Southeast Missouri State University; Austin Arnold was awarded the $4,000 Velton and Vida Vance Memorial Scholarship; the Viola Leopold Maxwell Scholarship was awarded to Kaitlyn Brashear and Alex Shaw for $566; Kristin Walch received an $8,000 Vocal Scholarship from Culver-Stockton College; Culver-Stockton College awarded Volleyball Scholarships to Macy Carmean for $6,500 and Brooke Tessman for $5,500; Gabriel Marley received a $9,000 Culver-Stockton College President’s Scholarship; Kirby Weber received a Webster Academic Scholarship for $12,500 and a Webster Leadership Scholarship for $2,000 from Webster University. Alexis Brooks received the William Lowry Scholarship for $500 and Cheyenne Hunt and Alex Shaw were awarded $100 for earning honorable mention WISE Scholarships.
College students receiving awards include Haley Auwater, Anne Baker, Kaitlyn Brooks, Brittany Dye, Klaira Ekern, Haley Fecht, Joshua Harlan, Anna Hiles, Josie Mueller, Carina Patton, Nicole Polston, Robert Wathen, Colby Willer, Maggie Geeson, Gabby Keller, Jared Melton, Jacob Willer, Mathias Whitworth, Melanie Worley and Andrew Wortmann receiving the $1,000 Creasey Scholarship; Josh Harlan received the Mexico Federated Garden Club Scholarship for $200; the $500 Mexico Young Farmers Scholarship was awarded to Andrew Cauthorn, Phoebe Frazer and Audreonna Taylor; The William A. Haas Journalism Scholarship was awarded to Carrie Fink for $7,000, Haley Fecht, Marshall Forbis, Nicole Polston and Andrew Wortmann for $4,750 and Jonah McKeown, Megan Brandow and Gabby Keller for $4,650; the $2,000 Ralph R. Roth Scholarship was awarded to Andrew Cauthorn, Joshua Harlan, Kyler Sargent, Sydney Stamy, Nick Stumpe, Audreonna Taylor, Justin Webber, Colby Willer and Jacob Willer.