Jason Coffman went there. He did that. And he came away victorious.
During the week of June 14-21, Coffman attended the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games in Princeton, New Jersey where he competed in four events: the shot putt, the running long jump, the 200M run and the 4X100M relay.
He came home with several medals, a gold for the 200M run and a bronze in the running long jump, and several ribbons, a fourth place finish in the 4X100M relay and a sixth place finish in the shot putt.
He hadn’t expected to run in the 4X100M relay but was ready to help when asked.
“I was just glad I could help,” Coffman said. “We practiced early in the week and then competed later in the week. I just went out and did my best.”
Not having travelled much beforehand, Coffman was all smiles whn he talked about the experience.
“It was a great experience,” he said. “During the race (the 200M), I felt like I was almost flying; I was going really fast. But not only did I get to meet new people and compete, I also saw many sights like the Statue of Liberty and took a cruise on the river.”
Coffman is hoping to be selected as a member of the 2015 National squad that will compete at the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games to be held in Los Angeles.
He is not waiting around for a call though as he is already into softball practice with his Mexico Unstoppable Dawgs teammates.
“We are going to have a good team,” he said.  “More importantly, we are going to have fun.”
To offer support or volunteer to help Mexico area Special Olympians contact Alisha Glasgow at 581-3953.