Some precincts change voting location

The voting polls for Mexico precincts two, three and four, and rural community precincts seven and eight will be held in the Courthouse Annex building for the Aug. 5 primary election. The Courthouse Annex is the former location of Pearl Motor Company. The citizens of these precincts voted in the Audrain County Courthouse during prior elections.
Mexico precincts two, three and four are primarily located in northern Mexico.
Rural community precinct seven is located north of Mexico and rural community precinct eight surrounds the city.
"All of the other precincts are at the normal locations," County Clerk Shelley Harvey said. "It's just the polls that are usually held in the courthouse that have changed, because of all the construction. At any time, we could have one or two of the doors closed and parking has been severely reduced."
Parking will be available for voters on the east side of Jefferson Street and at the former Pearl Motor Company parking lot, located at the other side of Love Street from the Courthouse Annex.
Harvey said polls for the November general election may also be held at the Courthouse Annex, depending on if the construction will be complete.