As one person who is passionate about helping people, leaves the Laura Miller George Help Center, another person with the same passion steps in.

Phil Iman replaces Gary Jones as the director of the Help Center. Helping people is nothing new to Iman. He has been involved with Red Cross for five years and believes that experience will help him with his new position. "I think it has given be the ability to work here," he said.

Iman, who has been working out-of-town is happy to be able to come home to Mexico and work. "I'm excited to serve here at home." he said.

He is also happy to be working with the volunteers at the Help Center and the Mexico community.

He has worked as a volunteer for a long time and is ready to work with the volunteers of the Help Center. "The volunteers are like family and I love that," he said.

Iman who took over as director of the Help Center, last Friday, said he is honored and pleased to accept the challenge and couldn't ask for anything more.