Last week 12 girls at McMillan Elementary School were princesses for an afternoon.

This week it was the boys turn. Whereas, the girls were treated as princesses, the boys were superheroes for an afternoon. The students were selected by a team of teachers.

Like the girls, the boys went to different stations. This week's sessions included good manners, how to tie a tie, which was a task for some students, but with help from an adult or high school boy, they master the art of tying a tie, bowling, and lashing where a rope secures and fastens two or more items together in a somewhat rigid manner. At the end of the afternoon, the boys had the opportunity to go shopping.

Adults from the community, McMillan staff members, as well as students from Mexico High School were on hand to help the boys at each station.

This is the first year for the program at McMillan which was introduced by Rebecca Moppin, school principal, who held a similar program at a previous school.